Latest Warc report focus on threats to the digital advertising ecosystem

Warc has released its latest monthly Global Ad Trends report focussing on threats to the digital advertising ecosystem. In it, Warc estimates that $63.4bn was spent on programmatic advertising worldwide last year, but as little as $17.8bn (28%) may have actually made it to the ‘working media’ level.

Programmatic’s role in ad trade is increasing rapidly: two in every five dollars (39%) spent on advertising in the US last year – across all media and formats – were traded by machines. This rate has doubled over the last five years.

With a continued and rapid rise in digital advertising, concerns have surfaced within the industry. Over half of the senior marketers surveyed by the CMO Council cited social media risks and reputation management as a major issue. One in three highlighted ad fraud, ad misplacement, and viewability as concerns, while a quarter cited media buying transparency and accountability.

Read the full article over at BIZCOMMUNITY.

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