CEO Update: June 2018

A special and warm welcome to our 8 new Corporate Members, 46 new Certified Practicing Marketers and 162 new Members who joined us since April 2018.

Accreditation and Endorsement

A big hello to all Marketing Students.  The AMI Accreditation team has now accredited a milestone of 41 Marketing courses across 15 Universities and endorsements of 5 Vocational Education Courses across 2 Vocational education institutions.

Accreditation and Endorsement is important. When you are seeking a job, your new employer will know you have a degree that provides the key learning outcomes that the Marketing Industry requires.  Read more about AMI Accreditation and Endorsement.

2018 Awards

The Awards team have excelled and assisted a record number of 219 Awards entries. Now the judging begins!

Registration for the 2018 Awards Gala Dinner is open and early bird discounts are available. Don’t miss your chance to celebrate the industry success and outstanding achievements. Register now 

Thank you to the indefatigable judges across the 31 categories. We have appointed 115 judges.

Thank you for providing your time to support the determination of Marketing Excellence in Australia. Mentor judges have been appointed and provided with their orientation.

End of financial year offers

IQ Courses EOFY Offer – save up to 20% on all IQ online, in-class and in-house courses and certificates. (excludes Data Scouts and GDPR courses). Offer ends 30 June, simply use the code EOFY2018.

ADMA IQ courses and certificates are taught by subject matter experts, applying practical real-world examples that ultimately give you the skills you need to remain competitive in our demanding industry. With our end of financial year offer, you can get the skills, tools and resources you need, at once-in-a-year prices. Plus, you may be able to claim a tax deduction for self-education expenses (check the ATO website for information on your circumstance).

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AMI End of financial year membership offer || Ask your colleagues to Join AMI before June 30 and receive Renew your membership before June 30 and receive 25% off your membership fee for the 2018/19 financial year!

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AMI Membership. What’s in it for you?

  • Up to $800 savings with FREE Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • FREE monthly webinars with leading marketing professionals
  • 30% discount on all AMI classroom training, events, and award entries
  • FREE access to the AMI online content library, including recorded webinars
  • Exclusive discounts with AMI partner organisations for events and content
  • Eligibility to participate as an Awards Judge, Emerging Marketer Mentor and more.

Please, email to redeem this offer mentioning the code RNW2018! Plus, you may be able to claim a tax deduction for  Professional Membership expenses (check the ATO website for information on your circumstance).


Turning Member Insights Into Action

The AMI Member Insights survey aims to evolve the current Professional Development and Events Program to reflect members’ needs.

The aim is to:

  • Build professional standards of AMI’s members through CPM status and increase professionalism amongst broader marketing industry participants

This wave of member insights seeks to build on existing insights into:

  • The competitive set for continual learning
  • Topics of interest and professional focus to marketers
  • Preferred delivery of continual learning

So what do members think of AMI?

In 2018 there has been a 20% upwards shift in our NPS results. Members are fairly positive about the AMI and Non & Lapsed members are also moving in the right direction. Today 51% of AMI members are likely to recommend AMI to a friend or colleague.

Our community and network are the key benefits to members

When asked about the benefits of participating in AMI events, Professional development, current thought leadership and practitioner experience stood out as important factors. The most important benefit of participating in AMI events is access to current thought leadership in marketing practice and knowledge followed closely by professional development.

“The AMI provides marketing resources and has built a community of industry professional that can share and collaborate within these resources. It adds authority and esteem to its members. Provides opportunities to connect with industry and potential partners.” 

Career Management has become internally focused

Professional objectives have changed considerably as professionals are seeking growth in their career as opposed to seeking new opportunities outside their role. This year, marketing professionals are setting objectives relating to promotions, reaching out to customers to gain further insights and improve operations productivity.

Members are using AMI more and more as a content resource

AMI website and AMI online training are perceived as useful sources for marketing knowledge. AMI website considered the most used resource for continual learning. This has significantly trended upwards from previous years.

Topics of interest for members include:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Development
  • Consulting
  • Automation and technology

In terms of marketing channels, while online continues to be the channel of choice, surprisingly, print has made a come-back. Suggesting that AMI members might be more forward thinking than non members. AMI members are also more interested in B2B relationships (45% vs 27%).

Considering the rising popularity of our webinars, it’s no shock that recorded online presentations are becoming more popular amongst members. For digital marketing; strategic planning and business development; digital marketing strategy development; and marketing communication skills, pre-recorded online presentations are the preferred delivery mode. While for marketing automation and technology, live recordings are the top preferences.

Elevating the marketing profession

CPM Members value the AMI as it provides an opportunity to elevate the marketing profession.

“An opportunity to create industry alignment and achieve best practice. A place to get the latest resources and tools to keep up with industry changes Access to subject matter experts. The ability to remain a leader in marketing.” – AMI CPM

“The AMI provides marketing resources and has built a community of industry professional that can share and collaborate within these resources. It adds authority and esteem to its members. AMI provides opportunities to connect with industry and potential partners. – AMI CPM

However, in regards to the CPM certification, members said that if AMI is to have the same level of impact as CPA there needs to be more funding for the professional development program.

“I think the AMI endeavours to provide a platform for marketers and it does this to varying degrees of success.  It needs serious funding to be able to have the same level of impact with its CPM as the CPA.  Without this I don’t see it being relevant to a lot of marketers unfortunately – there are so many other options out there for PD (often with better distribution and awareness).” – AMI CPM

What do corporate members want for the future?

Networking and improved professional development opportunities seemed to be a common theme across the board, particularly in ACT. It was also noted that the content is not engaging the younger marketing professionals.

‘’I feel as though the AMI content skews to a more older demo. Would be good to get some young, inspiring leaders and mentors to share their knowledge and influence the 25 and under demo. Make the content more relatable to an ever changing fluent market.” – AMI Corporate Member


Overall, the profile of AMI has been raised as the likelihood of recommendation has increased significantly. AMI must deliver on the demand for digital skills and knowledge and continue to try to go beyond the basics to ensure members’ needs are met.







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  1. Very good to see Strategy Marketing Planning on the interest list, because it lends direction to the other requirements. Marketing is top-down Economics, which aims, especially, to achieve exchange through influencing supply and demand, by meeting the needs and wants of customers. Analytics and the promotional mix need to fall in line, else we risk being salespeople.

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