Invitation to participate in a research study on how to develop quality advertising

Why are some advertising campaigns more effective than others? Ask ad agencies and you’ll get one kind of answer. Ask their clients, and you usually get a different one. Can someone put the two parts together and get a better answer to how to develop quality advertising?

Hi, I’m Professor Scott Koslow and I study advertising creativity, strategy and effectiveness. I am currently one of the five most published scholars in advertising in the premier journals in marketing and advertising over the last four decades and I’ve spent most of that time exploring how to develop ad campaigns that work (profile: The kind of research we need most is that which puts together the views of clients and agencies on what conditions or situations lead to great work.

Currently, I’m looking for pairs of clients and their agencies to chat with me about their work, and what makes it great. If you’re a client or agency and want to understand more about how to develop better work, then email me ( and we can set up a few, short meetings. You can participate as much or as little as you want, and everything you say will be kept in complete confidence. And hopefully, you can learn more about the advertising development process so you can make better ads too.

Scott Koslow, Professor of Marketing at Macquarie University






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