How to scale up high quality videos

John Leonard from Uvideo talks how are organisations facing the challenge of producing regular, high quality video production without stretching to a Hollywood budget. Read on to find out how business of Australia are scaling their video production. 

I was chatting with a Communications Manager the other day about video production challenges they are facing across their 15 departments and 8 national offices. You see, they had done the right thing – brought video production in-house by employing a content producer – Sarah, to get costs under control and to get some brand consistency going. All was going well until they produced their first video! It was really well received internally, and now each department and office wants to produce their own videos, and on a regular basis! So how could the in-house content producer keep up? Employ another videographer, editor, sound mixer, grader? Probably not. Ok, so how?

Making professional video production more accessible

The need for regular, high-quality video content is a challenge for business owners, marketing managers, start-ups and corporate affairs. Uvideo equips and teaches you how to excel at the craft of videoing your own content, taking the hassle of editing away, ensuring your videos are brand compliant, engaging and delivered to you within 24 hours. It’s a solution when you’re looking to scale up your video content, and it adds great value to an organisation’s culture, brand, marketing and communications.

Learn hot to produce your own content, which equipment to use and how to present in front of a camera. Continually improve your skills with creative support and training, while leaving the editing to Uvideo, who work quickly and effectively to allow you to communicate with your audience.


See above – An explainer video on how to scale up high quality videos

*This blog was originally published on October 18th 2018 by Uvideo. To find the original link to the article click here

About the author

John Leonard

John LeonardJohn Leonard co-founded Uvideo in 2018 after he saw a need for businesses to have access to an affordable, regular video production solution. Video editing and production can be time-consuming and costly, but recording video has never been easier. By providing training to businesses on how to shoot their own quality video, Uvideo is able to greatly reduce video production costs. Once the video is recorded, it’s then submitted to the company’s team of talented producers, who return professionally edited videos to clients in under 24 hours. As Co-Founder and Marketing Manager, John helps develop the vision for the company. He is continually innovating new ways to help businesses and brands bring their messages to life through video.

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