How to Drive Career Growth in a Post-COVID World: Benjamin Tanyi Oben

How to Drive Career Growth in a Post-COVID World: Benjamin Tanyi Oben
By Cristian Herrera

The world is changing, and everything around us is changing too. Our behaviours and lifestyles are impacted by these changes that we see daily. The advancement of technological developments has enabled unprecedented new ways of living life. As such, marketers need to continuously update their skill sets to keep up with these developments and provide consistent value to their customers and stakeholders at large.

Committing to ongoing professional development throughout your career becomes an integral part of being a successful Marketer. But how to stay competitive and continue to grow your marketing skills? How to drive career growth in a post-Covid world?

We recently spoke with Benjamin Tanyi Oben, Group Chief Executive Officer at Proximity SA, about his tips and suggestions on small practices that marketers can use to stay ahead of the game in an ever-changing industry.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

What do you love the most about your job?

I definitely love the power marketing has to change the world. Working with multiple companies – local and multinational brands – across diverse industries for more than a decade thought me that as a marketer, my role is continuously evolving to meet new challenges and exceed customers’ societal and economic value expectations – the promises that we communicate to our customers and society at large.

My love and passion for marketing continue to grow as new tools and innovations continue to automate and blur the marketing space, creating boundaryless connections with other disciplines. I’m particularly interested in marketing at the bottom of the economic pyramid and the benefits of technology to scale and deliver products and services value propositions at this space.    

What are the best options for continuous professional development for marketers?

There are numerous options out there for any individual willing to advanced their professional development. This means marketers should identify their skills and the current level before any attempt to register on a professional development course. Also, there exist different formats and you should select the one that best fits your schedule. No one course or format is ok for every marketer. Therefore, the best options should be based on the current skills and schedule of the marketer, their developmental plan and current trends.

How do you keep up with current trends and emerging / changing technologies?

I am a member of many associations (AIS, AMA, AMI, SMS, AOM, EGOS, etc) offering conferences and webinars discussing new researches and developments around marketing, information systems and management disciplines. Being a member and having the opportunity to attend these conferences and webinars allows me to discover and learn current trends and emerging technologies that are impacting customer lifestyles which marketers should integrate during the design and implementation of customer value propositions.

Also, being a member of the Marketing and International Business and, Technology and Information Management Centres with Durham University Business School where I currently undertake my Doctorate studies in Management and Marketing, offers opportunities to learn new cutting-edge researches and discoveries in the disciplines, enabling me to keep abreast with current trends and emerging/changing technologies affecting the marketing sphere.

How often do you personally undertake training courses?

I have a personal drive for continuous learning. I frequently take training courses, attend online conferences and webinars to update my skills in the marketing, information technology and management disciplines. When you meet and discuss with people, you’ll always learn something new from the discussion. This is the one principle that I carry with me, shaping my interactions with people I meet daily – either face-to-face or virtual – providing more listening time than speaking. 

About Benjamin Tanyi Oben

Benjamin is Group Chief Executive Officer at Proximity SA and a Professional Member of the Australian Marketing Institute. Throughout his career, Benjamin has built a track record in developing new markets and maintaining high-performance strategic activities for multimillion-dollar telecommunications organizations, other FMCGs, NGOs, and Associations.

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