How exhibitors soar to success with sensational results

Before we get into the “how or why” let me ask you a validation question first.

Have you ever been asked by your manager or CEO “I have registered for a tradeshow that starts in 2 months, could you please get it organised?” (or worse – it’s in 5 weeks’ time…!)

If you haven’t then this article isn’t for you – unless you are the CEO/Manager that’s doing the asking…!

Many small and medium businesses feel as though the incredible results and success that large companies achieve at tradeshows is something that is way out of their reach and feel they need a $100k tradeshow budget to be able to compete. This assumption, while it seems obvious, in reality is far from the truth.
We will often hear staff at a tradeshow saying things like, “we just come to fly the flag”, or “we just have to come here because it’s where our customers are” and even a very generic “oh we are just doing some brand recognition”
And in many cases these statements are perfectly ok, and are typically something that’s been handed down over the years or picked up from what other exhibitors are saying. However, it’s also the reason why so many fall into the trap of believing that they will never get great results without spending a lot of money.

So why do most businesses fail to get the results they want from a tradeshow?

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