How ANZ Invests in its Senior Marketing Team’s Development

This article was contributed by Stephanie Conti, Manager, Customer Centricity & Capability at ANZ

Partnering with the Australian Marketing Institute makes ANZ’s internal up-skilling and reskilling programs officially recognised as professional development

As Senior Marketing Manager at Australia’s most recognised big blue bank, Sera McNeil ensures the customer is at the heart of every choice she makes.

How does Sera ensure the rest of the ANZ Marketing team practises customer-centricity? By empowering the ANZ Marketing team through unique learning opportunities designed to safeguard and upskill their future marketing careers. Here’s how. 


The ever-changing nature of marketing as a career path demands the upskilling of professionals to remain competitive with new marketers, jobs, and organisations. To reach their full potential, marketers must achieve recognised marketing qualifications and embrace lifelong learning to ultimately reflect a high-level of expertise and build on their professional credibility.

Organisations need to support this professional development by ensuring priority capabilities are identified within their teams, to reflect deep understanding of the changing values of consumers. This allows marketers, and organisations, to continue to market with purpose in years to come.

Marketers then need to take every opportunity to prioritise customer-centricity. Core marketing concepts such as the 4 Ps still provide an adequate framework for strategy, but now, more than ever, the ability to build brands that earn the trust of customers will set professionals and organisations apart.


Future-proofing the careers of Senior Marketers at ANZ in line with the fast-changing requirements of the marketing profession, is something I’m extremely proud of.  In partnering with the Australian Marketing Institute (AMI), ANZ are pleased to provide our staff with a supportive career development opportunity that earns external recognition through the peak industry benchmark in the Asia-Pacific Region, the Certified Practising Marketers (CPM) accreditation. This certification can be earned through the application of marketing knowledge and ethical behaviour in practise, as evidenced in our Marketing Masters and Brand Academy courses.


Central to our workplace culture at ANZ is investing in the careers of our people. We developed the Marketing Masters and Brand Academy capability programs so that our marketing team could upskill through a supportive, cutting edge learning experience. Both programs have been strongly supported by ANZ CMO Sweta Mehra, who has celebrated the adoption of both programs by ANZ teams in Australia and New Zealand.

In particular, the Brand Academy courses (available for all functions within ANZ Marketing) focus on building core customer-centric capabilities through application-led workshops. During the pandemic, the offering was taken online, with staff excited to receive learning packs supporting their development via mail. The Marketing Masters and Brand Academy courses incorporated the best of thinking from within and outside of ANZ.

I want our senior marketers to feel proud of the external recognition they receive as part of these programs. Each of our team members is valued by ANZ for their talent, passion, and work. The AMI partnership elevates internal development so that it becomes an important step in the career journeys of our team.

As marketers we must take every opportunity to build our careers, knowledge and understanding of the customer. Organisations must continue to invest in their people to ensure their marketers can deliver results as the career path changes.

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This article was contributed by Stephanie Conti, Manager, Customer Centricity & Capability at ANZ

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