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This is your high-end content, the videos that you may produce a couple of times a year that are going to be blasted to the masses. They tend to be big budget pieces that are aimed at attracting attention and, fingers crossed, they may just go viral. This is where you see high production values kick in – crews, cast, locations… lights, camera, action!! At Trapdoor, this is the type of content we thrive in producing.
This is “Push” style content intended for your target market. It should be entertaining and engaging and focused on driving people to subscribe.
And lastly this is your “Pull” or “Always On” content. These are the videos on topics that your audience is searching for. Companies need to be producing this on a regular basis. Google recently renamed this section to Help because so much of the content in this space revolves around videos that add value or solve a problem for the end user. Our sister company, ‘Shootsta’ is focused on producing this type of content.
To learn about the type of content is your company is producing, and better yet, what type of content should your company be producing, read more.

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