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By Divya Bahukhandi, VETASSESS

There will be more opportunity for marketers to migrate to Australia following the recent Jobs and Skills Summit, when the Federal Government announced the migration target will be raised from 160,000 to 195,000 this financial year, with all the extra 35,000 places being allocated to skilled migrants.

People applying to come to Australia as skilled migrants must have their skills tested, to ensure they have the qualifications and experience required to work in their occupation here.

At VETASSESS we assess three marketing occupations: Marketing Specialist, Advertising Specialist and Market Research Analyst.

Marketers with a successful skills assessment submit their assessment to the Department of Home Affairs with their application to migrate.

The Summit heard that many migrants are working at below their skill level in Australia. It is often hard to break into an industry in a new country, without networks that have been built at university and in local workplaces.

Digital badges for marketers

AMI and VETASSESS have worked to support marketing professionals before they arrive by giving them the opportunity to accept a digital badge for their successful skills assessment and AMI membership to introduce them to the industry here.

These initiatives enable marketers to join the AMI community and gain access to resources that will help them in Australia.

With nearly 1500 badges issued, we’ve had some great feedback from marketers who have shared their badges on their professional sites.

Nihaad Bhajikhada uploaded her Marketing Specialist digital badge to LinkedIn and found it helped her get noticed.

“People take me more seriously now on an international level,” Nihaad says.
“I completed my education from India and my degree helped me a lot get jobs in my country. When I started applying in Australia not a lot of people would not consider me as a serious candidate until I had my skills assessment, along with the AMI badge which has helped me establish my position in the job market as a potential candidate.”

How to use AMI professional education

Nihaad has also made the most of AMI membership, attending webinars to build her network with marketing peers.
“I love this industry because it helps me connect with different demographics and motivates me to connect with these people and come up with strategies that would benefit my company. This industry gives me the satisfaction of maximising my profitability while working towards societal goals,” she says.

Shibin Mathew became an AMI member after receiving a successful VETASSESS skills assessment and says AMI provides a great platform for professional development.

“The AMI’s core purpose is to support progress in the careers of its members and advance the marketing profession. It makes me a part of the vibrant community of marketing professionals, and I am getting to learn plenty from their practical experiences, which will firmly help me in my career growth,” he says.

Outlook for marketing roles

More marketers are likely to apply to migrate in the coming year, and employers want to hire them.

The Hays Australia Salary Guide 2022-2023, released in June, found 82 percent of employers believed skill shortages will impact their operations or growth coming the coming financial year.

The AMI VETASSESS collaboration has shown that employers gain confidence in an applicant’s abilities when they see the badge and recognise the professionalism behind it, while AMI membership helps migrant marketers to building a network and gain insights to prepare them for Australian workplaces. Australian industry benefits, when migrants bring their new skills and are able to use their talents.

This article is contributed by Divya Bahukhandi is VETASSESS Team Leader of Business and Finance assessments for migration.

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