Global marketing professionals upskill to Australian industry standards

In today’s world, the marketing and advertising professions are rapidly evolving as new technologies and tools are adopted to cater to the current world of business. Strong future growth is projected for these fields in Australia at the higher skill levels and marketing and advertising occupations are becoming increasingly available to global marketing professionals through different visa types.

Global marketing professionals can now upskill to Australian industry standards with VETASSESS Subclass 407 Training Plan. This plan allows applicants to complete workplace-based training activities with a sponsor Australian employer to improve their skills in their selected occupation. The current occupation list for the 407 visa includes the occupation of Marketing Specialist. This occupation is assessed by VETASSESS, the assessing authority responsible for this occupation for temporary or permanent migration to Australia.

To apply for this visa, nominees must be sponsored by an Australian employer and hold recent and relevant employment or equivalent experience of at least 12 months full-time in the last 24 months. To know more about this visa refer to Subclass 407 Training Visa.

VETASSESS information for Marketing Specialist 407 Training Plan

To obtain a training plan from VETASSESS, the applicant provides their CV and a reference letter and fills out a self-assessment checklist, which lists all the key required skills. Applicants rate themselves against these tasks depending upon the level of experience they have in their employment.  For a marketing professional, there are a number of skills/tasks that are considered when conducting the assessment. Some of the critical skills that are considered include:

  • Ability to understand and discuss the organisation’s marketing operations and overview
  • Contribution to a team-based marketing campaign in the areas of planning, resourcing and budget
  • Contribution to the optimisation of internal processes in the marketing area
  • Obtaining responsibility for at least one product in the organisation, including product development and pricing.

Based on the evidence provided, the applicant’s competency level against the key skills required is identified. As the gazetted migration assessment authority for Marketing Specialist and other marketing professionals, VETASSESS applies criteria it has developed in consultation with AMI and based on detailed market analytics and research. A technical interview of the applicant may also be conducted as part of the process in order to understand their skill level in their occupation.

The unique opportunity to work in Australia and upskill

The applicant receives a customised training plan based on the key skills gaps identified during their assessment, which will also provide them with a unique opportunity to work with Australian industry and upskill themselves as per Australian industry standards.

Australian employers benefit from this training plan as it gives them an outline to understand the main skills gap of their employees and provide them with a structured workplace training to enhance their existing skills. As these training plans are developed by VETASSESS, a leading independent skills assessment authority in Australia, employers can have confidence in following the plan as it is based on current Australian industry practices.

For more information on the VETASSESS 407 Training Plan visit the VETASSESS website.


VETASSESS is an organisation committed to providing quality assessment outcomes for applicants, governments and countries across the globe. As a leading independent skills assessment authority in Australia and a trusted partner for Australian Governments, VETASSESS is a leader in assessment. Their clients include individuals seeking to have their skills assessed and/or recognised, as well as government departments, service organisation and private enterprises, on whose behalf we develop and conduct assessment.

The Australian Marketing Institute (AMI) and VETASSESS, have partnered to develop a skilled migration assessment criterion to support Australia’s thriving marketing sector. The partnership between the AMI and VETASSESS brings together industry and education providers to ensure that the current assessment criteria for occupations across advertising, marketing and market research in Australia install confidence and meet expectations for employer groups and organisations Australia-wide.

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