Generation Experience Book launch

AMI Chair Andrew Thornton was delighted to attend the Generation Experience Book launch in March. In Generation Experience, Hunter Leonard details his passion to help mature age individuals start and run a successful business in their 40’s and beyond.

A growing demographic in Australia, often pushed into doing their own thing by unrelenting age discrimination and lack of job opportunity. Hunter outlines the 8 skills they need to be successful, drawn from over 17 years working with business owners, and benchmarks of more than 10000 businesses.

At the launch of his book on March 14th, Paul Nicolaou – Director of the Business Leaders Council of the Australian Chambers of Commerce, and Age Discrimination Commissioner The Hon Dr Kay Patterson, AO, agreed that mature individuals are in need of support and encouragement on their journey into business ownership.

AMI members can access a discount of $10 off the book, by following this link.


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