Four Leaders Who Inspire Hope

Four leaders who inspire hope

A commonly asked question among professionals is ‘who inspires you?’

This question can be difficult to answer concisely as, truth be told, there are so many inspirational figures that can influence an individual. Therefore, Andrew Thorburn likes to use a ‘4 H’ model to narrow down those who truly inspire him and describe the characteristics these inspiring leaders exhibit:

  • Hope (having a hopeful vision),
  • Humility (having empathy, asking for help),
  • Hunger (a desire to drive forward and grow) and,
  • Humour (the universal connector of people).

Read the full article by Andrew Thorburn here to find out why he chose the four leaders below and how they embody the ‘H’ traits!

  • David Thodey reinforces the importance of people and focus
  • Satya Nadella went straight to culture and leadership
  • Muhammad Yunus was a pioneer in people helping other people
  • Special Olympics athletes cheer each other on for having a go

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