Farewell from Lynda Cavalera, Chair Australian Marketing Institute

After six years on the board of directors, I have decided to step down and hand over the next part of the AMI journey to my fellow directors and the new directors who have joined the board.

Reflecting on my time on the board, which I joined in 2015, I recall I first served on the Victorian State Committee, after being an active member of the organisation for most of my career. Through my time at AMI I have been an awards judge and marketing mentor and attended many of the events and training.  For me it’s always been about connecting with my tribe, continuous learning and giving back to a profession which I love and has given me so much in return.

The last six years on the board have been one of my career highlights and I’m extremely proud of what we’ve achieved as a board, along with the management team, and leave the AMI with a steady growth in membership and community, three years of profitability in a row and a very healthy reserve to fund the vision and growth ambitions of the organisation. My experience on the board has provided me with great learning opportunities, the ability to connect with so many of my peers in the marketing community across Australia, and the privilege of working with some of the most talented, passionate and loyal board colleagues.

I’m particularly grateful for the commitment, support and friendship of the board directors during the last few years when like many organisations, we were challenged on so many fronts, and not in the least the last couple of years during the pandemic. My sincere thanks and gratitude go to:

  • my fellow current board directors: Andrew Thornton my loyal and very talented right-hand Deputy Chair, John Kim, Paul Nicolaou, John Clay, Nick Aargus, and Nicholas Ridis, along with past directors Mona Lolas, Pat Duffy, Katherine Hatzis, Marco Cicchine, Graham Wright, Peter Griffith and George Bell. I will sorely miss working with you all – you’ve made it hard to walk away from this role but I look forward to staying connected with you all and catching up on a personal level.  We shared some challenging times, unforgettable times and many laughs too!
  • Narendra Prasad our CEO and the team at AMI for all their continued hard work to deliver to our members best interests
  • the army of our volunteers who are the lifeblood of the organisation, including all past and current state committees and the many other volunteers from mentors to award judges for their commitment and hard work
  • our partners and supporters, many who have stayed with us for many years – APPA, AMSRO (ADIA), ADMA, Growth Faculty, Arid Zone, Engage Australia, Vetsasses, Bruce Clay, Redback, Macquaire University, Attention Experts, and many others
  • finally, but not in the least, thank you to all our members, who are the heart and centre of what we do and the why… our reason for being.

To the new board, including the new directors, Bronwyn Powell, Chris Taylor, Louise Cummins and Maria De Conno, I wish you with the current board directors, continued success.  I look forward to seeing you steer the organisation forward to new heights and build on past successes.  The calibre of the new board is very impressive and I’m very confident in all of them making a significant and meaningful contribution. It’s an exciting new chapter!  For me, I look forward to continuing being part of the AMI community and a strong advocate for the organisation and our profession… it’s a profession we should all be proud of, and I know I definitely am.

All the very best,

Lynda Cavalera

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