Ephemeral Content: What it Means for Your Brand

The evolving nature of social media brings about a constant stream of buzzwords and trends. The latest? Ephemeral content. According to Digital Marketing Institute, the term was brought into the mainstream by Snapchat, the term has become important to some brands, but many have been slow or unwilling to take it up. But using Snapchat and Instagram Stories can be a valuable source of lead generation and conversion. In this article, we discuss the value of ephemeral content and provide some practical advice on how to use it in your content strategy.

So what is ephemeral content? Well, quite simply, it is any visual content – video or photo – that is only available for a certain period of time. For example, on Snapchat and Instagram, users can send photos that can be viewed once or twice but then disappear. The content can be sent to individual users, groups or posted on publicly available “stories”. Stories can vary from narrative tales, product demonstrations or just a series of unlinked observations, jokes or videos.

Why is it so popular? Touted as the “hottest topic and trend in social media marketing right now”,  eMarketer projects that nearly 20% of Americans will use Snapchat this year. Simply put, ephemeral content taps into one of the key attractions of all social media – content creation.


Read the full article by Digital Marketing Institute here.

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