Achieving Better Performance While Doing More With Less: Case Study

Australia’s education industry has continued to thrive in recent years. In particular, online courses have grown in popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to recent IBISWorld research, Australia’s online education market size (by revenue) sits at $7.9bn in 2021, having grown approximately 8.2% this year.

As digital continues its prevalence across the educational industry, institutions need to hone their online targeting strategies so as to better connect their course offerings with interested students at the right time, and benefit from this surge in demand.

That’s exactly what digital media agency Connected Digital were asked to do for a leading Australian educational institute that were looking to drive leads to their suite of Business School courses offered via their website.

To ensure their clients are constantly getting the best results, Connected Digital constantly benchmarks the Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) they use, and were challenged in this case to improve performance across their existing channels to achieve even better performance than previously.

Partnering with Quantcast, Connected Digital used the Quantcast’s Platform to better understand the online audiences that were interested in studying with the field of business. Through Quantcast’s AI technology and retargeting feature within the Quantcast Platform, they were able to successfully re-engage internet users that had visited the educational institute’s website and had shown interest in the courses that they had on offer.

Not only did the Quantcast Platform help Connected Digital understand the educational institute’s audience interests and behaviour better, it also delivered the strongest results they’ve had in four years for this client.

“Thanks to sophisticated algorithmic buying, we found optimisation fast and accurate. It’s helped improve campaign performance and reduce costs, resulting in a consistently lower cost-per-lead (CPL) with an average improvement of 67% across the full lifetime of the campaign and an 80% improvement against the CPL goal – the best result we’ve seen in our four years with the client”, said  Mac O’Rourke, Head of Product & Technology at Connected Digital.

The partnership with Quantcast has also helped Connected Digital improve their productivity, enabling them to spend less time on manual updates and checking results a week in order to optimise performance for their client while requiring minimal support.

This is just one example of how brands in all industries–not just education–can enhance their digital strategies to drive success with targeted advertising and improve conversions across their web offerings. Are you looking to deliver higher quality and quantity leads at a lower cost? Learn how some of Australia’s leading brands are doing just this in these industry case studies.

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