Discovering “The Joy of Leadership”

“This month, a career-long aspiration comes to fruition. My dear friend and Potentialife partner, Tal Ben-Shahar, and I are excited for the arrival of our book, “The Joy of Leadership”, published by J. Wiley.

After so many years at McKinsey & Company creating strategic solutions, the question of engaging hearts and minds deep into the organization seemed increasingly unresolved – in a world where success is depending more and more on individual behaviors at the front line.

On hearing great things about an American-Israeli psychologist at Harvard, I invited “Mr. Happy” to speak, and he offered a completely new way of thinking, challenging our hypotheses and questioning our frameworks in the process. Over dinner, Tal inspired us with the possibilities of using positive psychology to create change momentum deep into organizations. At last someone was offering an answer that I’d spent several years looking for.

Co-founding Potentialife with Tal, and bringing together the most inspirational and creative team we could have hoped for, has been an absolute gift – and without doubt the highlight of my professional journey to-date.”

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