Digital Australia: State of the Nation (2017)

The world is spinning faster for any organisation looking to keep up and connect with Australians – be they businesses looking to build a relationship and capture market share or government departments and agencies looking to deliver services more efficiently and effectively.

The overarching theme this year is about the quantum leap in the level of connection across all devices and the positive disposition towards becoming even more digital. The flow–on effect is that the volume of data being generated by Australians multiplies with each new device and service, creating the opportunity to leverage much more precise insight into profile, behaviour and preferences.

The data produced across these devices is one of the most valuable currencies today, yet many organisations struggle to identify and realise the value. The most progressive see data as a strategic asset of the organisation, using advanced analytics to deliver exceptional products and services and transforming the traditional process driven approach. This sees them stand apart from peers as they deliver an ever improving experience.

View the full report from EY Sweeney here.

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