Difficulties make us a gem: 艱難汝を玉にす

This expression of Japanese origin perfectly describes my journey through my master’s studies, pandemic’s time, as an international student and with a family to take care of.

I learned this lesson about difficulties because in our life, there are situations that suddenly arise, and we realised that we have the control to decide how they could affect us and use them as agents of change to strengthen ourselves and know our true potential.

The difficulties along the way will always be there, regardless of what we undertake, also we just have 2 options, to give up because we don’t think we can overcome them, or to take them as an opportunity to strengthen ourselves and improve every day.

The difference is in the way we face these obstacles and overcome them, see the glass half full and look out for solutions and alternatives to these difficulties, because at the end, we are going to develop the gem that we carry unpolished in our interior.

This award symbolises my professional gem, and I couldn’t have done it without facing my fears and challenging them to conquer my dreams.

Karina Machado

Karina Machado
Master of Marketing and Innovation Management at ECU
November 2021

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