Current Branding issues, Practitioner and Academic Views: a study by UQ Business School’s Advertising and Branding Research Group

The University of Queensland Business School’s ‘Advertising and Branding Leadership Group’ is conducting research into Branding’s Academic-Practitioner Gap, in order to understand Practitioners’ Views and Close the Gap. The focus of the study will be on branding, the branding issues you see today, and how academics might possibly be able to help. Our goal is to understand practitioner’s views on the challenges facing branding today.

The UQ research team are looking for marketing and advertising industry colleagues to interview for this project, as specialists in their field. The interview is estimated to take no longer than 45 minutes of your time and all comments are confidential. The interview questions will ask for your views about business issues and there will be no questions about personal, commercial in confidence matters or politically sensitive issues.

Both practitioners and academics in the marketing field will benefit from a better understanding of the interests of each sector. Upon request interviewees will be offered a brief summary of the research upon its completion. The summary will list the branding issues and challenges facing practitioners and academics. It will also address what limits brand/marketing/agency managers and marketing academics from collaborating for the benefit of the marketing profession. This study adheres to the Guidelines of the ethical review process of The University of Queensland and the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research.

There is no cost to you, and no risk to you or your organisation, from participating. Participants will have the satisfaction of assisting a study of what are current branding issues and what limits marketing practitioners and marketing academics from collaborating to address those issues together.

Any questions, or to advise of your interest to participate in this research project, please reply to this email or contact Dr Jennifer Doig directly on 0417 622 758, to lock in an interview date and time.

Dr Jennifer Doig
UQ Advertising & Branding Leadership Group
Members: Frank Alpert, Mark Brown, Liz Ferrier, Chris Hodkinson, Josephine Previte, Joseph Baladi, Claudia Fernanda Gonzalez, Jennifer Doig
Ethics Approval Number: 2017002038

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