5 Corporate Christmas gifting tips to secure your client relationships

The most exciting yet equally stressful time of year is here. Yes, Christmas is upon us again! Corporate Christmas gifts are a great way to secure client relationships as it shows gratitude for their loyalty throughout the year. Christmas gifts are also an excellent way to show appreciation towards your employees who are the main reason for your success, writes Celeste Marinelli, Brand Promotions.

Here are some key recommendations from Brand Promotions which will help you get ahead of the rush when organising corporate gifts this year to make the process move along smoothly and as stress-free as possible!

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1. Timing is important

The Brand Promotions team recommend “getting in early” as the longer the lead time, the more innovative options they will be able to offer

Begin considering your budget, the number of potential recipients and of course their demographic – male, female, “blue collar”, “white colour”. Lead times from initial brief through to delivery can vary from one week through to 6-12 weeks, dependent on whether they are locally sourced or custom produced offshore. Make sure this is factored in when you are coming up with gift ideas.

Offices close during Christmas, when distributing gifts around the country, it is important to ensure someone is available to retrieve the Christmas gift.

2. Themed Gifts

A classy bottle of wine or box of chocolates are always welcome as they are considered to be personal treats rather than traditional corporate items. But, if you wish to go more “practical” you might want to consider organising custom theme – based options, for example summer-oriented products such as sunblock, towels & hats

Gifts supporting your brand and brand values are recommended. For instance, travel agencies could present branded neck pillows or sleep masks suitable for their travelling clientele. Breweries may supply branded stubby holders or bottle openers which would be timely with Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties occurring this time of year!

The variety of options is endless and seasonably themed or brand specific ideas can showcase your creativity, strengthen relationships and of course raise awareness for your brand.

3. Presentation

Eye-catching presentation is another way to highlight and differentiate your corporate gift.

For example, wrap, tissue paper, gift bags and ribbons customised with your companies’ colours or logo can be used all year round for gifts and special occasions. Sometimes up -market items such as deluxe pens and watches are not branded but presented in stylish branded packaging which creates a strong personal link.

Hampers are always a perfect gift when stuck for ideas. Add branded decorative ribbon and tissue paper; your gift effortlessly transforms into something really appealing which is likely to be shared with family and friends at a festive and joyous time!

4. Client and Staff Appreciation Gifts

Client gifts are great as they help strengthen professional relationships as well show your clients that they are appreciated.

Appreciation is not just for client loyalty – it is important to recognise your own staff as their efforts are what helps your business thrive. Rewarding hard work is an important strategy which allows people to feel good about their efforts genuinely and to feel motivated going forward. This is a win for your staff and a win for your business!

5. More Eco-friendly Corporate Gift Ideas

Christmas gifts don’t need to cost the planet. Picking an eco-friendly gift helps you establish a positive perception of your brand among your target audience. With people becoming increasingly conscious about “What they buy & Who they buy from”, opting for sustainable Christmas corporate gifts can add significant value to your brand. It shows that your brand is ethical and conscious of issues that really matter to people. We have put together a range of eco-friendly promotional products that are on-trend and environmentally friendly.

Brand Promotions can help with this process – they have been leaders in the promotional products industry for over 30 years, continuously producing  tastefully branded targeted merchandise for their clients.

Constant support is guaranteed from concept through to production and distribution. Please visit www.brand.com.au for an exclusive range of Christmas Corporate Gift ideas


Brand Promotions can help with this process as they have been in the promotional products industry for over 30 years, with their main aim to continuously produce maximum exposure for their clients when collaborating on branded merchandise products. Constant support is guaranteed from concept through to production as well as ensuring each element to a job is carried out efficiently when it is time for national distribution. Please visit Brand Promotions for exclusive range of Christmas Corporate Gift ideas.

Please visit Brand Promotions for an exclusive range of Christmas Corporate Gift ideas



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