Competency is 80% Attitude

The Australian Marketing Institute(AMI) has officially appointed Narendra Prasad as General Manager.

Commencing his employment at AMI in May 2018,  Narendra was approached by the AMI Board to take on the role of Acting General Manager in October 2018. Narendra gladly accepted the role only for his admiration for Marketers and Marketing as a profession. Happy with his performance, the AMI Board appointed him as General Manager in June 2019.

Well qualified with a diverse background of over 25 years of senior executive management experience, Narendra demonstrates his passion for being a professional, believing that a true professional not only needs to be competent, they must possess an ethical mindset and always be at the leading edge of the profession by continually keeping abreast of the new developments.

“My focus for the Australian Marketing Institute, writes Narendra Prasad, is to actively develop competencies, ethical mindset and continuous learning programmes for our marketing professionals.”

 What then is attitude?

While many feel that having the right skills makes a competent professional, Narendra strongly holds to the belief that Competency  is  80% attitude. Without the right attitude, a person’s skills have little meaning. While skills are very important, they are necessary but not sufficient to make you competent.

According to Narendra, attitude has to do with your thinking process and perception; how one perceives oneself and others in the professional environment.

“When applied with the right attitude, your skills will have meaning,” he says.

From this process comes the way the professional exhibits the following behaviours:

  • Communicates with others
  • Works with teams and within teams
  • Listens to the point of view of others
  • Displays leadership when required
  • Takes accountability
  • Takes initiative
  • Displays ethical behaviours and more…

What is ethical mindset?

This perhaps is one of the simplest things to explain but the most difficult to grasp. Having an ethical mindset means doing the right things even when nobody is looking. This is paramount for a professional and even more so for marketing professionals who are the custodians of reputation and trust. This one guiding principle significantly distinguishes a true professional from the rest.

What does being on the leading edge mean?

This has to do with being equipped with the latest tools and thought leadership in your professional area of expertise. The rapid rate of change in the Marketing Profession evolves on a daily basis, which means that marketing professionals cannot afford to lag behind when it comes to the latest thinking, technology and trends. A true professional will always invest in their professional development.


About Narendra Prasad

General Manager of Australian Marketing Institute

Narendra is a professional Finance Executive and Chartered Accountant with over 20 years of experience in providing strategic advice and leadership, as well as configuring and implementing financial systems. Experience in interacting with senior level stakeholders/management, including presentation of complex concepts, negotiating difficult situations, and resolving conflicts.

A self-motivated, Finance, Accounting, Systems, Human Resources, ICT and Planning “all-rounder” with solid skills at senior management level, and proven experience working in a hands on capacity as well as strategically. Narendra’s inspiration is drawn from his parents, the strategists Sun Tzu, Chanakya and Machiavelli, and modern day gurus such as CEO’s of Microsoft, IBM and Google.

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