CMOs Can Boost Marketers’ Capabilities in 2020 and Beyond

Empowering your teams to execute is critical to marketing enablement.  The field of B2B marketing and sales is undergoing an exciting transformation, making it critical for organizations to obtain the skills and tools necessary to compete in today’s marketplace. The challenges facing B2B marketers — the many ways buyers can access information, more sophisticated data, the seemingly endless rollout of new technology enhancements — have never been greater. With consistent change comes a need for marketers to keep their skills and knowledge current.

Forrester – SiriusDecisions is the gold standard for B2B marketing education, and we have a new path that enables B2B marketers at varying skill levels to certify on core skills through a university-style online course. This course is built for any B2B marketer — whether you’re new to B2B marketing, mid-career or a seasoned veteran. The course is broken down into six distinct modules, and we’ve brought in world-class B2B experts to help you understand these key B2B concepts.

Now is the time to get your teams on board with your 2021 plan and help them succeed. Enabling your existing teams is the key to turning knowledge into action. Here are three steps marketing leaders should take to ensure effective enablement:

Start with a strong foundation. Before you start growing specialized skills in various areas, you must ensure your teams are speaking the same language, following the same frameworks and working together toward common goals.

Build opportunities for specialization. Hiring for diversity in expertise will help you fill known gaps in your workforce, but you need to grow your existing teams’ capabilities as well.

Plan for Changing role and landscape The role of marketing is increasingly critical for organisations and a great time for us in the profession to take this lead. Our research clearly shows that CMOs understand the importance of employee enablement and are willing to do what it takes to remain competitive — register today for B2B Marketing Foundations to certify your teams and establish your organization as an industry leader!

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