Choosing “Green” Promotional Products

Regardless of personal opinion about the concept and causes of Global Warming, the fact is the Earth’s resources are limited and it is up to everyone to preserve and protect them.

The promotional products industry’s most progressive companies are now offering a large range of eco-friendly (or “green”) products that can showcase both brand and corporate values.

Questions to ask prior to a campaign, event, launch or branded merchandise opportunity include:

  • Who is the target customer and what is their view on environmental and sustainability issues?
  • Does the target business sector have the same views?
  • Will the product be used effectively in the hands of the appropriate recipients?
  • Do products under consideration have parts that wear out? (batteries, refills etc)?
  • Is there back up material to support any “green” claim made?
  • Will the proposed project result in excessive waste?


Eco-consciousness isn’t just about reducing, reusing and recycling any more. Here are the main terms currently used with an easy definition:

・Organic – Produced without using fossil fuel-based fertiliser, synthetic pesticides or genetically modified plants

・Sustainable/Renewable – Made from materials which can be replaced easily (eg using plant fibres such as bamboo, hemp or cotton rather than wood or materials made from petroleum)

・Reusable – Designed to be used for an extended time period

・Recycled – Made from materials originating from previously used (post-consumer waste) or from scraps created during the manufacturing process otherwise earmarked for landfill (post-industrial waste)

・Recyclable – Produced using materials that can be reclaimed and reinvented into usable products

・Compostable/Biodegradable – Manufactured from materials that can decompose safely within a natural environment. Materials such as paper or plastic made from corn starch or synthetics such as bio-plastics belong in this group

“Green” Promotional Product examples

Ecosia Notebook and Pen Set

Features a hard cover consisting of heathered cotton and natural cork. The pen barrel is natural cork and the accents are made from a 50/50 blend of wheat straw and BPA free polypropylene. The set is presented in an unbleached cardboard sleeve.

Choice Cup

Double-wall and reusable, keeps drinks hot for longer whilst remaining comfortable to hold. Choice Cup is manufactured from a blend of 50/50 natural rice husk and polypropylene which is shatterproof, odour resistant and BPA free. Rice Husk is a waste product with little value and the Agricultural industry often disposes of it by burning which causes air pollution.

Giant Bamboo Bag

Double handle non – woven bamboo carry bag. Bamboo is one of the world’s fastest-growing plants – it’s a renewable resource and biodegradable


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