CEO Update: December 2017

Growth in the demand for marketing professionals and managers, together with the velocity of change that demand, means that it is imperative that Australia grows its marketing capacity and capability. It is incumbent on the sector to ensure the continuous development of local talent.

Growth in the demand for marketing professionals and managers has been strong and is expected to remain strong.

Sources: ABS Labour Force Survey, Department of Employment (DOE) trend data to 2016 and DOE projections to 2022 which includes the actual data for 2017. Note:  The data for 2012-16 is for November while the 2017 actual and 2022 forecast data is for May.

The pace of change within marketing has been unprecedented.  New roles have emerged that barely registered a decade ago. Roles in digital marketing beautifully illustrate this point.

Ten years ago, there was not quite 2400 employed in digital advertising agencies. Today the number is closer to 10,000. By 2021-22 employment in the industry is projected to approach 16,000. It is no wonder that employers are struggling to find digitally savvy marketers.

Source: IBISWorld Industry Report OD5535 Digital Advertising Agencies in Australia, February 2017

Development of local Marketing talent and fuelling progress in Marketers’ careers are the key strategic priorities of the Australian Marketing Institute (AMI). Below is a snapshot of the activities delivered to achieve these priorities.

We have created new value for members – and we will do much more to save you money and provide unique, curated, opportunities to Grow, Brand, You.

Here’s a snapshot of some 2017 AMI top-line stats:

Key activities

We continue to listen and act on feedback from members on what they want for their Institute – members tell us they want the AMI to help them fuel their careers regardless of what stage they are at in their career path. Our members seek opportunities to further their knowledge which will help maintain their career currency: ensuring they are on top of the latest practices and trends occurring in marketing.

  1. The AMI delivered over 100 pieces of Thought Leadership through Linked-In Pulse articles and the expert curation of Thought Leadership articles for Linked-In, Marketing Voice, and the AMI Content library.The Australian Marketing Institute audience alone has grown to over 60,000 marketers.
  1. The creation of over 43 new Strategic partnerships has delivered either relevant new services for our members or enablement to the AMI. These include:
    • A partnership with AMSRO (Association of Marketing and Social Research organisation)
    • In conjunction with ADMA, 50 new Online and Workshop Training Courses and the FACTS Skills and Capability Assessment Program
    • Growth Faculty third party event partnership, featuring Simon Sinek and Malcolm Gladwell
    • Facilitated (by Lucy Bingle) Linked-In Workshop Training Courses
    • Member Elections for 5 Directors via a new Election platform
    • Creativa Video Production
    • SparcMedia Programmatic Advertising
    • Louder Online SEO (search engine optimisation) and SEM (search engine marketing
  2. In 2017, the AMI extended its focus on Tertiary Accreditation and Vocational Education Endorsement. I am pleased to say that we now have 41 Courses accredited from 18 Universities with four vocational endorsements with Open Colleges which is distributed in Australia and 5 Asian markets.
  3. Our member research indicated that many senior marketers aspired to a seat at the board table. In response to this, the AMI delivered an exciting program of options to meet this member need, including:
    • A ‘Board Search Master Class’ through Board Directions and Fireside chat with Launa Inman; and
    • A ‘Welcome to the Boardroom’ Program in partnership with The Director Institute
  4. The Emerging Marketer Program has expanded from the successful program in Victoria; NSW; ACT and WA. 

AMI 2017 Awards for Marketing Excellence

Our members enjoyed a very successful Awards program. This is the best way to benchmark you, and your organisation’s expertise against others and to receive the acknowledgement of your peers. It is a great way to Grow, Brand, You.

The awards could not be possible without the record number of 215 entrants, 93 judges, and a lot of work from members and staff to promote the event. Thank you all and I expect we will have more entries and more judges for the 2018 Awards to be held on October 10, 2018 at Sheraton on the Park Sydney.

The recognition awards are:

Future Leader Award: Michael Laps

CMO of the Year Award: Vanessa Lyons

Marketing Team of the Year Award: Curtin University Marketing Team

Certified Practicing Marketer of the Year Award: John Clay

Sir Charles McGrath Award: Andrew Baxter

Marketing Program of the Year Award JOINT winners: Bureau of Meteorology – BOM Weather App AND QIC Robina Town Centre – The Kitchens – Let’s Stir It Up

The awards could not be possible without a huge number of sponsors and supporters. Check out our Awards eBook with all winners, finalists, judges and sponsors.

State Awards

A record attendance at each of our 7 State Awards to celebrate Marketing Excellence. Thank you to the hard-working State Committees who worked tirelessly to make these events a great success.

 Our vision for 2018

If you have not realised it, the vision is all about Grow, Brand, You. That means different things to different members.

  • Our student members need vision – what does marketing professional practice hold for me? We need to increase our academic/institute relationships to ensure a steady supply of job ready graduates – and jobs.
  • AMI has been exploring options of adding an integrated career centre to our current member offerings to complement the other support we provide members to manage their careers. The AMI Marketing Jobs Central will appear on the AMI website and within the AMI brand.
  • In 2017, we expanded Accreditation to Endorsements and Recognition of marketing Units in MBA program to expand pathways between academia, industry and student members. In 2018 new academic partnerships will emerge to foster growth in marketing professionalism capability and capacity.
  • Our young professionals need to be given a helping hand to find the right pathways to progress – one day they will be the ‘leaders’ and we collectively need to impart as much guidance and knowledge as we can. The Emerging Marketers program dates in 2018 are 17 April for ACT and TAS, 18 April for SA and WA, and 19 April for NSW and VIC.
  • For our middle managers, we need to provide new and leading-edge knowledge as well as refresher courses to stay up with trends or refresh capabilities for the next role.
  • To our CPMs and C Suite marketers it is about networking, making contacts and doing business. We will host exclusive C Suite events in 2018 kicking off with the Colmar Brunton senior marketer Monitor series in March 2018.  In 2018 CMO patrons will host exclusive CPM and Senior marketer functions
  • Finally we are thrilled to partner with The Growth Faculty on their Peak Performance Leadership Summit happening this coming 21 March (Sydney) and 23 March (Melbourne).

And the Institutes overall aims are to be the organisation that professional marketers want to join and respect.

And to those at Board of Directors; Finance Board Committee; Accreditation and Professional Development Board Committee; Members Support Sydney Office; CMO Patrons; State and Emerging Marketer Chairs ….

Forgive me for the wild ride, the impossible deadlines, weekend work, late nights and early mornings. We are blessed with 150 volunteers in our community.

We also have paid, part-time state event manager, Trudy Alco AMAMI.

During the year we have had many volunteers and interns – apologies to any we unintentionally miss.

A special thank you to our infrastructure and project supporters:

  • Camelia Vasile
  • Yvonne Chan
  • Tim Nicholas
  • Natalie Stuart


Finally, a word from me…

We’re where academia meets industry for you.

We’re for growing cutting edge skills to foster your success.

We’re for building your brand.

We’re for developing you.

Grow. Brand. You


Happy Holidays!


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