CEO Update: August 2018

Our purpose is to provide cutting edge marketing theory and practice to fuel progress in the careers of professional Marketers. So how are we going against our purpose?

According to our June 2018 Member research, 70% of members believe AMI membership is beneficial in advancing their careers. Bound together by common interests and concerns, belonging to a Professional Association provides an ongoing flow of ideas and inspiration. For our members, belonging to the Australian Marketing Institute is a springboard to building Marketing knowledge and long lasting professional relationships and networks so vital to any successful career.

Every year, we try to go a step further to meeting member needs as well as advancing the standing of the Marketing profession in the community. This year’s Member Satisfaction and NPS scores underscore our success in doing this. For 3 years in a row our NPS scores are up for both Members and Non-Members. 51% of AMI Members would recommend AMI to a friend or colleague are up 10% yoy. This is a dramatic difference from scores from 2016 Member sentiment. Members satisfaction however is just one benchmark of our performance.

There are other positive results we need to be celebrating

As we look back on the 2017/18 year our results reflect year-on-year improvement on two leading indicators:

–     Cost base. This has been reduced.

–     Year-on-year over the last 4 years our cost base has decreased

–     2018 expenses came in less than 2017 and less than 2018 Budget.

Both membership no. s and Membership revenue increased. Membership grew net by 374 members to 6,324. Membership revenue grew to over $1m – 3 consecutive years of Membership revenue and numbers growth.

We were also successful in stemming State Event losses.

The 2017 National Awards generated a 70% increase in profit vs 2016.

We have turned around paid registrations rates in our professional development program.

What these results mean is that we have a firm base and are well positioned for growth

Growth that will be powered by focusing on member needs. Growth that revolves around expanding and strengthening the 6 pillars of a Professional Association. Because as we look forward  we are also wrapping up the final year of a three-year strategy and entering a new strategic phase.

The 2018 plan will deliver on why members join and belong to the AMI

Focussing on what belonging means for members and how we can further foster the sense of community is essential to a vibrant and growing member organisation. We’re tuning into the current state of the Marketing profession and the needs of Marketers and our members.

We’re expanding the pillars of the organisation so AMI grows by remaining relevant.  Namely:

–  Recognition through Awards;

– Credentialing;

– Professional Development;

– Professional community and networks;

– Accreditation; and

– Advancing the standing and driving the marketing profession forward

Looking at each of these pillars, this is what we are doing

Growing CPM numbers

Now at 1725 Members or 27% of our Membership. Through raising the profile of our CPM program, promoting the need for ongoing professional development to remain certified. By introducing Certified Practising Experts, we are recognising the increasing specialisation in Marketing discipline and creating a tangible badge of honour that can be recognised in the marketplace.

Growth Faculty – On demand platform

From August we provide invaluable best and next practice for our CPM members with the new tool Growth Faculty – On demand platform. We will give direct access to the very best thought leaders through monthly, live and on-demand webcasts.

The On-Demand Platform is a cost efficient and time-effective way to access the latest ideas, practical tips and tools that members can apply to their business immediately. This saves each CPM $300 per annum in subscription fees. Non CPMs can also take advantage of this platform through purchasing the low monthly subscription.

We will to build a new website solution

The new website will create a modern-looking website based on a modern platform, linked to existing AMI platforms, including:

– Event administration (currently Ivvy)

– Membership profile and renewals (IMIS)

– E-awards platform

– Marketing Voice blog

This new platform will modernise the AMI “digital business card”.

Professional Development Re-imagined

Through refining our professional development program, we have identified niches where AMI can meet member needs better and more successfully than other organisations

State Networking Events

Through re-imagining and re-invigorating our State networking events we will be creating the forum needed by members to build enduring relationships that foster belonging. The organisational ties and connections this breed is what leads members to advocate for and champion the benefits of AMI membership in the broader community

Finally, we will continue in our quest to raise the overall standing of the Marketing as a profession and the role the AMI plays in setting that standard for industry

In 2018/19 we will also be providing more member segmented professional development options that meet the needs of specific Member segments. So, from meeting the needs of Fellows and CPMs for deep connections and advanced content through to nurturing the Emerging marketers of our community with new ways of engagement AMI’s 2018/19 strategy is all about creating the sense of belonging and community that leads to greater member satisfaction, member growth and 7000 people championing the positive role of AMI in their professional and personal lives.


Let us grow the Marketing profession together!


Lee Tonitto

CEO, Australian Marketing Institute

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