CEO Update: August 2017

Welcome to our hundreds of new Members and Certified Practising Marketers since June 2017.

We believe the commercial success of the Marketing profession and the Australian Marketing Institute depends on the strength of each individual member.

Our intent is to ensure Members have the resources to advance their abilities and careers. We bring Marketers the cutting edge in marketing theory and practice to fuel progress in the career of Marketers.

We do this by Accrediting university degrees. There are 40 Tertiary degrees accredited.

The Australian Marketing Institute has the most comprehensive Marketing training portfolio in Australia.

Practical application is achieved through the firepower of our extensive community of practitioners enabling individual advancement across their career lifecycle. Through our Events we facilitate networking and ideas exchange between the most innovative and successful marketing leaders.

Marketing has a Strong Future Outlook

1 in 2 adults in the working population have something to do with Marketing in their roles. Acquiring customers; retaining customers or improving the customer experience. That is over 6 million people!

For 2017, Brinker’s landscape consisted of 5,381 solutions from 4,891 unique companies. This is about 40 percent growth, year-over-year, for both solutions and unique companies that have been recognised. More technologies mean more data sources, so this graphic underlined our belief that getting data integration right is a key analytics step that every marketer should be informed about. See more

While many roles are under threat of automation, creative professions such as marketing are not yet one of them.

Digital marketing is experiencing strong growth and employer demand and will most likely continue to do so.

Global jobs site, ranked Marketing Manager the best job in Australia in June 2017 based on their search data.

In the Federal Government Jobs 2016 report Customer Experience Marketing is Top 5 ranked growth professions to 2035.

We have 55,000 Marketers in our AMI community.

There are 63 disciplines in Marketing. We serve the broadest church of academic; professional; agency and entrepreneurial roles that rely on Professional marketing.

We have been listening to you

We are excited by the fresh insights into your needs from the June 2017 Professional Development. Here are the top 5 insights from the research.

Thank you everyone who took the time to share with us their thoughts and ideas, we will be working on improving our offering.

Your Vision is Critical

Renowned global community facilitator Vision Critical has sponsored the Institute for the last 3 years. Vision Critical uses a cloud-based customer intelligence platform to allow organisations like AMI to build engaged, secure communities of customers. Over time we can learn who you – our members – are, what you care about, and make better decisions on what we need to do to best service you. Our Connected Intelligence ‘insight community’ allows us to ‘listen and learn’. We invite you to join here.

New AMI, AMSRO partnership to strengthen member offer

The Australian Marketing Institute (AMI) and the Association of Market & Social Research Organisations (AMSRO) have established a new partnership aimed at fostering collaborative efforts to support both memberships and contribute positively to the Marketing and Marketing Research professions in Australia.

These two leading not-for-profit organisations are committed to working together to raise their respective profiles, as well as significantly expand and improve the services provided to their respective members.

At the core of this relationship is the shared belief that effective cooperation between AMI and AMSRO will lead to meaningful outcomes for the profession.

AMSRO President Craig Young, “Over the coming year, AMSRO and AMI will develop commercially-orientated training programs that not only meet members’ needs, but leverage our group buying power and capitalise on AMSRO’s and AMI’s influence and integrity in the marketplace. Read more

Awards for Marketing Excellence

Awards for Marketing Excellence – there are so many to thank for making this our most successful awards ever!

First to our 205 finalists – Congratulations! Find the 2017 AMI Awards for Marketing Excellence finalists here. To celebrate this great occasion we’d like to make a special offer to attend the National Awards Gala Dinner at The Grand Hyatt Melbourne, 18 October 2017. To activate the offer, simply book your tickets here and use this code: FINALIST2017. Don’t delay, the offer only valid until COB Friday, 18 August!

Thank you to our 133 judges – we could not do this without you. If you click on this link, you will see our prestigious list of judges.

Judging takes time, effort and a certain ‘science’ that makes these professionals to make the tough data driven decisions on the finalists.

Then there are sponsors who make it possible to hold the Awards.

The Awards recognises those who have made the most significant contribution to the field of marketing through sound business practice, development of the marketing profession, or wider industry achievements. I urge you to click on this link to see the past winners and see just how many you recognise.

We are delighted that David McGrath, Judith Davey, and Elizabeth Daalder, Sir Charles McGrath’s grandson and granddaughters, will be attending the Awards Gala Dinner in Melbourne.

The Awards gala dinner will be held at the Grand Hyatt Melbourne on 18 October 2017. Table sales have been brisk but you can register for a special Table Sales offer here.

2017 State Awards and 2018 Predictions Series will be held later in the year to celebrate state finalists and winners.

Cutting edge Marketing theory and Practice is the cornerstone of the Australian Marketing Institute

You may have noticed that AMI is more active this year – and it is precisely because members have asked us for MORE.

The AMI Hub covers Professional Development state events, national events, webinars, Emerging Marketers and Third Party industry events.

To compete in a competitive market, marketing teams need the latest skills and knowledge. Ensuring your teams have those skills not only gives your business the competitive edge, but also the best chance of overall success. The IQ FACTS program brings your marketing teams up to speed and prepared for the future with the latest knowledge, skills and techniques to help you build, retain and attract the best team possible. IQ FACTS delivers:

  • Defined capabilities – know what skills are needed as IQ FACTS has been developed by industry, for industry
  • Determine where skills are lacking in your team
  • Develop training programs to deliver on business needs
  • Credentials allow recognition of team competency; they also allow you to hire the right people as you know exactly what skills you need
  • Ongoing support and knowledge for the team through ADMA member benefits
  • Benchmark your company against others in terms of skill set

Want to know more? Call us on 02 8256 1650 IVR Training

And behind the scenes

We have prepared a comprehensive 2017 2018 operating plan for the Australian Marketing Institute with relevant new services and plans to improve the Member experience

At our recent Board Strategy Offsite, the Board and Management held a robust discussion debating the following questions.

I think you will find AMI reinvigorated, refreshed and refocused. We are building resilience.

We look forward to working with members to make 2017/18 and beyond even more relevant and better value for you.

We want to sincerely thank you for your commitment to the Australian Marketing Institute.

Lee Tonitto, CEO, Australian Marketing Institute

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