Beyond the Build – What Content Marketers in Australia Must Do Next

Like their peers in North America, Australian content marketers say their organizations are concentrating more on building audiences than they were a year ago.

As reported in Content Marketing in Australia 2018: Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends, 85% of Australian respondents agree that their organization is focused on building an audience versus 69% last year. That’s a 23% year-over-year increase, which is higher than the 18% year-over-year increase reported by North American B2B content marketers.

Growing your subscriber base is an important content marketing goal. However, long-term value is created by providing your target audience with valuable content they want to receive, and building trust over time – not just gathering email addresses.

While the increased focus on building audiences is great news, the data revealed additional opportunities for marketers to address for even better results.

Focus first on audience information needs

Fewer marketers are creating content for their audience versus for their brand. Fifty-eight percent of Australian content marketers surveyed always or frequently focus on creating content for their audience over their brands compared with 72% last year – a 19% year-over-year decrease.

Our take: How can you build an engaged audience if you’re not addressing its wants and needs? Focusing on your company (its products, services, people) rather than providing your audience with valuable information gives people few reasons to care or even stick around.

Deliver content consistently

Fewer Australian marketers are delivering content consistently. Forty-eight percent of respondents always or frequently deliver content consistently (e.g., on a defined, regularly scheduled basis) compared with 60% last year – a 20% year-over-year decrease.

Read more of Content Marketing Institute’s new research here.

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