Beyond Digital: Creating the Marketing Team of Tomorrow

Over the last decade we have seen the creative marketer, the martech marketing team, and the data driven marketer. It is clear that the marketing leader of the future needs to infuse all these attributes. They need to be grounded on data, empowered by technology and passionate about creatively innovating to disrupt.

Let’s break this down.

The Data Driven Marketer

A senior marketing leader recently asked me “do I consider myself to be a data driven car driver”. It was an unusual question and I admit, I looked at him with curiosity. He continued. “When you drive a car, you look to a dashboard in front of you, and are guided by the speed you are driving, the petrol levels, perhaps your location on your GPS, the sound of your music…. And so much more. This information is used to guide and inform you so you can drive safely and responsibly. Yet we don’t consider ourselves data driven car drivers. We are just the driver of a car” . Over the next two years, it is expected that this will also be the case for marketers. Today’s marketer should be able to leverage a dashboard of data, from response and click through rates, to social media positioning and brand health, to lead and revenue creation. This data must inform, guide and empower marketers to make strategic decisions to grow and transform the business. Data driven marketers yes. But it must be embodied in the every day work life. Part of each day. Personally, the first thing I do when I start work (after the obligatory double expresso) is open my marketing dashboard and consider the data. This formulates priorities, focus areas with the team and areas of additional exploration. It is as essential to the day as coffee and collaboration. It drives, guides, informs and inspires. It is the life blood for today’s modern marketer.

The Martech Marketer

When I mentor marketers, this is often the area that causes the most discomfort. “But I am not technical”, “I don’t understand technology” The martech marketer does not need to be a coder, or a technical engineer. The martech marketer needs to understand how technology can assist and empower them to be the most efficient and productive.

Artificial Intelligence, technology which augments human expertise, is at the core of the potential use cases for marketing today. I have previously shared a blog on these potential use cases. In summary these include:

• Programmatic Digital Advertisement Bidding

• Interacting with marketing automation technology to guide and adapt campaigns

• Lead management to ensure leads are going to the most effective route to close

• Social brand monitoring

• Content creation and adaption

• Supporting customer support team to focus on high value engagements

Knowing where technology can operate to drive efficiency and create game changing strategies, is an essential mix needed within the marketing team of the future, coupled with the willingness to roll your sleeves up and play with the technology to achieve amazing results.

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