What are the latest trends in the Australian digital economy? – Australia’s Digital Pulse 2018

2018 Australia Digital Pulse

Australia’s Digital Pulse 2018, performed by Deloitte Access Economics and the Australian Computer Society, provides an annual overview of trends in the Australian digital economy and workforce. The report explores the international competitiveness of Australia and how to improve our performance to drive digital growth.


Report Overview:

According to the Australia’s Digital Pulse 2018, Australia’s main digital performance plays on the international stage across four areas: consumers, businesses, Information Communication Technology (ICT) sector and workforce skills.  Overall, Australia is in the middle of the pack among 16 developed economies, with average relative ranking of 7 out of 16.

In 2017, Australia’s ICT workforce grew to 663,100 workers, increased 3.5% over last year’s report. By 2023, the demand for ICT workers will approximately grow from 100,000 to 758,700 workers, almost 3 million of Australian workers will be employed in occupations that use ICT regularly as part of their jobs.

As a result, to drive Australia’s digital growth and international competitiveness, it is required to develop and attract highly skilled ICT workers, and a policy environment that accelerates technology investment and digital business activity.

The report covers the following areas:

  1. Australia’s international competitiveness in ICT
  2. Snapshot and forecasts of Australia’s ICT workforce and skills
  3. The importance of developing and attracting ICT talent
  4. Economic dimensions of digital leadership
  5. Policy to support an internationally competitive ICT sector


The world is changing fast.  It’s time to respond the technological change and position yourself for the future economic benefits of digital growth.

2018 Australia Digital Pulse
Download the full report here.

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