Australian Businesses Embrace New Marketing Partnership Model

The Measured Marketer allows companies to play in the digital space and maintain relevance in changing economic landscape.

As Australian businesses adapt to changes brought on by the digitisation of the economy, a new marketing model is proving effective in helping businesses adjust and take advantage of the growing opportunities available. The Measured Marketer (TMM) is offering digitally-focussed marketing strategies that give companies access to an experienced Chief Marketing Officer as well as a team of marketing experts, without having to carry the usual financial burden or headache of employing a Chief Marketing Officer – and marketing team – in a full-time capacity.

For even the largest Australian businesses, particularly those in traditional industries such as manufacturing and mining, developing and implementing a marketing strategy that welcomes and utilises new marketing innovations is essential if such companies are going to continue to grow in the current economic climate. TMM has acknowledged this reality, and has enjoyed strong success as a result of being able to provide companies with tailored marketing support, constantly making use of the latest marketing innovations that become available.

The partnership model employed by TMM allows companies to access marketing advice from some of the country’s most experienced marketeers, whilst also delivering the many day to day marketing tactics modern organisations need, including website management, social media, email marketing, campaigns, public relations, and events. TMM is now working for businesses across multiple fields, including higher education, property, consulting services, training and development, employment, and others.

The company has grown dramatically since its foundation 18 months ago in the spare room of founder Jacqui Daley’s house. TMM now employs seven people and has recently moved from its shared co-working space to an office in down-town Newcastle – with plans for further growth in the pipeline. A celebration event for TMM clients was held in the new space in January, marking the start of prosperous new year for TMM and the companies it services.

Jacqui began the business after leaving her position as the Chief Marketing Officer at the University of Newcastle. She sums up the success of her venture simply; “The Measured Marketer provides everything that a client needs from their marketing advisor. Digital Marketing can be overwhelming, but clients know they need to play in the space if they are going to compete in the current business environment. We understand what the client wants – and ensure that the offering is simple and accessible. We’re about providing objectivity; assessing the current situation and future opportunities in a measured and realistic manner, and we’re about producing positive and tangible results. We value communication and accountability, reporting back to the client on a monthly basis about how everything is tracking.”

TMM’s newest client is Moly-Cop (Commonwealth Steel Company Pty Ltd), who will be celebrating their 100-year anniversary in 2018. TMM’s ability to provide a full suite of marketing services, and draw on experts who are the best in their field, ensures projects like that of Moly-Cop’s anniversary are delivered in a way that exceeds client expectations. Jacqui says; “Our clients want to make the most out of the opportunities that come from new innovations in marketing. A ‘one-size-fits-all’ or ad hoc approach to marketing no longer cuts it in today’s sophisticated marketing environment. Having dedicated professionals with detailed knowledge of specific marketing functions, and

marketing leadership that brings all these functions together is essential – particularly for large and growing organisations with diverse offerings and business goals”.

TMM also has a close relationship with the Australian Government’s Entrepreneur’s Programme, which strengthens the marketing advice provided to businesses in advanced manufacturing, and related industries; including engineering services and information technology. The next step for Jacqui is to launch a virtual CMO service, using advances in technology to take the TMM approach anywhere it is needed. This new offering will increase the availability of world-class marketing services to businesses in rural Australia and help to make quality digital marketing support available to start-ups and large corporations alike.

Jacqui says of the future of marketing: “The field is unrecognisable now to even five years ago, thanks to advances in digital innovations. As marketeers, we need to constantly be at the forefront of this technology and make sure that our clients are reaping the benefits. A virtual CMO function will give clients everywhere – whether they are in Newcastle or Dubai – real time access to expert advice, whenever they need it”.

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