AMI’s New Range of Micro-Credentials Recognise Work-Based Expertise

Industry competency recognition to support your Career Path in Marketing

Press Release issued 16 March 2022

The Australian Marketing Institute (AMI) today announced the introduction of a new range of industry based micro-credentials in partnership with VETASSESS.

In announcing the partnership with VETASSESS, AMI Chair, Andrew Thornton, said: “The AMI micro-credential provides marketers with an opportunity to strengthen their professional brand with an Australian recognised marketing certification in a range of skills. This is at a time when, more than ever, it is important to set yourself apart in a crowded market”

“Our micro-credentials offer’s a new way to recognise the skills and knowledge that you already have through your current work experience and on-the-job training”, he said.

Mr Thornton added that “if you haven’t got a degree or diploma in marketing but have years of experience in delivering marketing programmes, this is a simple way to get industry recognition for your expertise; recognition you can use when applying for new marketing roles”.

John Clay, AMI Director and Chair of the Professional Advancement Committee, added that “micro-credentials form a key component to support professional career paths in marketing; with our other key aspects being accreditation of University degrees in Australia, and the delivery of the most comprehensive marketing education and training programmes through our partnership with the Chartered Institute of Marketing”.

Today’s marketers have to navigate an ever-changing landscape of tools, channels, and strategies to be successful. No matter your area of specialisation, the AMI micro-credential will provide you with industry-validated recognition of your skills.

Developed in collaboration with VETASSESS, the leading assessment authority in Australia for skilled migration assessments, the AMI micro-credential is underpinned by industry expert validation. A professional practice credential – aligned to international qualification and industry frameworks – provides you with the opportunity to validate your skills across five pillars of marketing.  The AMI micro-credential provides recognition of a marketers’ core technical knowledge in areas such as digital and data-driven marketing; content and creative marketing as well as customer experience.

The AMI micro-credential process is designed to be straightforward. You don’t need to sit an exam or attend any classes to demonstrate your chosen skill. Instead, AMI’s micro-credential is about recognising the skills you already have through an evidence-based assessment.  AMI micro-credential assessments are conducted by our partner VETASSESS on the basis of the evidence you select to convey and document your expertise in marketing. 

VETASSESS Executive Director Rob Thomason said: “The AMI micro-credentials give marketing professionals the opportunity to showcase their specialist skills in five areas of marketing: data-driven marketing, content marketing, digital marketing, creative design marketing and customer experience. These micro-credentials recognise the value of skills and experience built over time. Professional marketers can post their micro-credential to their professional site, signature or website to inform clients and peers of their achievements.”

Learn more about AMI’s micro-credentials here.

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