AMI Micro-Credentials | Developed by the industry for the industry to help you stand out as a professional marketer.

The pathway of marketing professionals is never straight, at each bend there is an opportunity to become future ready with learning. There are numerous career pathways in marketing that require you to deliver different skills and competencies in your role, whether this is in business, government or not for profit jobs.

Not all marketers will come into the profession and build their careers following a university degree in marketing. Some will have degrees in other subjects, others will have diplomas or certificates, and all will have a variety of work-life experience.  Many will claim to be marketers but without any sound competencies. How will you stand out? How will you differentiate yourself?

The core purpose of the AMI is to provide a professional community to support our members and the wider marketing community; professional marketers like you and I; throughout their career. We do this by:

  • Connecting professional marketers via our events; whether this is at a state or national basis, its always great to catch up and share experiences with professional peers. Help find your future roles, connect with peers and potential mentors.
  • Celebrating excellence through our awards program and promoting some amazing work through our various communication channels. Be amongst the best of the best across the marketing industry.
  • Career skills training and education that has industry application; with one of the largest portfolios of industry applicable education and training combined with a mentoring programme, we can support our members throughout their career pathway.
  • Recognised credentials throughout your career, to recognise knowledge and skills, whether this is accreditation of University Degrees, Chartership, Certification or Micro-Credentials.

For those of you who work in a marketing role but have no recognised professional qualification our industry applied micro-credentials is ideal for you. It offers a new way to recognise the skills and knowledge that you already have through your current work experience and on-the-job training. Micro credentials form a key component to support professional career paths in marketing.

Today’s marketers have to navigate an ever-changing landscape of tools, channels, and strategies to be successful. No matter your area of specialisation, the AMI micro-credential will provide you with industry-validated recognition of your skills.

Developed in collaboration with VETASSESS, the leading assessment authority in Australia for skilled migration assessments, the AMI micro-credential is underpinned by industry expert validation. A professional practice credential – aligned to international qualification and industry frameworks – provides you with the opportunity to validate your skills across five pillars of marketing.

The AMI micro-credential provides recognition of a marketers’ core technical knowledge in areas such as digital and data-driven marketing, content and creative marketing as well as customer experience.

The AMI micro-credential process is designed to be straightforward. You don’t need to sit an exam or attend any classes to demonstrate your chosen skill. Instead, AMI’s micro-credential is about recognising the skills you already have through an evidence-based assessment.

AMI micro-credential assessments are conducted by our partner VETASSESS based on the evidence and references you select to convey and document your expertise in marketing. 

If you haven’t got a degree or diploma in marketing but have years of experience in delivering marketing programmes, this is a simple way to get industry recognition for your expertise; industry recognition for you to use when applying for new marketing roles. At around $250 it’s a small (tax deductible) investment that may help you land your next job, plus it includes a years membership of the AMI too.

The AMI micro-credential is developed by industry for the industry so you can be sure that your work-based competency and practical experience will be recognised for your future work opportunities.

Having worked in marketing and communications for my entire career, holding senior roles in telecommunications and professional services, I have seen many careers blossom and made many friends along the way. One thing I consistently notice is to build and develop your career you need to invest time and energy in your skills and have some good mentors to help you along the way.  One of my portfolio roles is teaching marketing subjects at university. I teach around 200 students each term, they have some great talent and energy; they are at the start of their careers. But it’s not the strongest or fittest that survive, but those who can adapt was aptly quoted by Charles Darwin. How prepared are you for your next job, and can a micro- credential help you stand out from the crowd?

To find out more concerning AMI micro credentials, click here.

This article was written by AMI Board Director, John Clay.

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