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Marketing prepares marketers and decision makers for career success by providing trusted, intelligent content and resources that have a practical application for their daily work life. Marketing provides this through content focused on:

Brand management

As brand custodians, marketers need to be kept up to date on the best in brand management, marcomms, brand safety and just what it takes to link brilliant brand to business success.

Leadership, development and careers

With coverage of careers, education, leadership and career trends on a local, national and global level, marketers gain access to a clear picture of the skills and proficiencies needed to advance their careers. Expert commentary from leading marketers in any vertical and any career stage guides and inspires outside-the-box thinking.

Data and tech

Today’s marketer eats, sleeps and breathes data. Marketers find simple solutions to better gather, understand, leverage and demonstrate the value of data, and use it in innovative and scalable ways. Technology advancements have had a huge impact on the role of marketing, and there’s always another development just around the corner. How can marketers sort the trendy from the tremendous to find, understand and apply the solutions?

Consumer behaviour

Whether it be with one another, with brands, with institutions, with the media or with technology – the way human beings engage is in a constant state of flux. Marketers equipped with superior understanding of their audiences and their behaviour will always have the upper hand.


How can marketing departments create communications that are on message, on brand and guaranteed to hit the target? From low budget challenger activities to multi-million dollar, multinational campaigns, we report, review and learn from the latest and greatest in comms.

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About Marketing

Marketing’s mission is to inspire and advance great marketing – to connect, enlighten and support their audience of marketers and decision makers.
Through trusted news, education, insights, thought leadership and trend coverage, Marketing helps marketers make an impact today and into the future. They are the discerning marketer’s go-to content hub – with practical know-how, deep dives, career guidance and valuable resources, they equip marketers with the tools needed to excel in the dynamic marketing landscape.

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