AMI & Green Hat establish the B2B CMO Advisory Council

Green Hat and the Australian Marketing Institute have formed the B2B CMO ADVISORY COUNCIL to provide direction for the development of the Green Hat / AMI B2B Marketing Research report; an industry initiative to research the latest usage, trends and direction for B2B marketing in Australia. 

The major themes covered include:

  • Marketing strategy
  • CMO/marketing role in business
  • Branding
  • Content marketing
  • Digital and channel marketing
  • Measurement, analytics and data
  • Marketing technology
  • Sales and Marketing alignment
  • Account-based marketing

Green Hat has been developing the B2B Marketing Research report since 2011 in collaboration with Australia’s leading industry associations and has approximately 500 annual participants annually.

This year, for the 10th edition, participants will receive a complimentary pre-release copy of the 2020 report in December. Three survey respondents with the most insightful suggestions for future report development will get a choice of a July® Carry-on Power Bank Case or Sennheiser 4.5 Noise Cancelling Headphones (valued at $295!).

Secure your pre-release copy of the report

Take the survey before 5pm, Friday, 8th November 


Sitting on the B2B CMO ADVISORY COUNCIL, a group of nine senior B2B marketers. 

2019 B2B Marketing Research Report

The 9th edition of Australia’s most comprehensive report on B2B Marketing.

Considered the ‘compass’ for Australian B2B Marketers needing data and insights on B2B marketing trends, the report explores challenges and objectives, marketing strategy, customer experience (CX), sales and marketing alignment, content and social media…and much more.

In 2019 Green Hat’s annual research study was supported by The Australian Marketing Institute (AMI), B2B Marketing Leaders Forum, Marketing Magazine and the research sponsor Marketo.


To learn more about the 2020 B2B Marketing Research Report or the B2B CMO Advisory Council, visit

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