Akshay Sardana: Hallmarks of a good leader

AMI’s 2019 Future Leader of the Year, Akshay Sardana, Acquisition Marketing Manager at Optus, knows the key to success lies in having a growth mindset. Passionate about technology and its life-changing implications, Akshay originally pursued a career in engineering; although he soon recognised his love for marketing. AMI spoke with Akshay Sardana to explore his thoughts on what are the hallmarks of a good leader.

The importance of having a growth mindset

Retaining a strong vision and having clear actionable outcomes should be at the core of everything. As a team builder, Akshay leads by example, believing that while getting to the outcome is necessary for success, it is equally important to do so with integrity.

“A leader that is able to achieve desired results, while following the rules will earn the respect of those around them,” he says. “An effective leader has the natural ability to inspire and motivate others by providing them with a sense of belonging and purpose beyond their work, instilling a culture of trust.”

Over the last 6 years, Akshay has developed his leadership skills through working with some of the world’s leading brands like Nokia Siemens, Huawei, ASUS and Optus, contributing significantly towards positive growth & transformation.

Always looking for scalable, sustainable and creative solutions for growth, Akshay embraces unlikely and unpopular perspectives, which have allowed the company to take new and exciting directions.

This growth mindset has allowed him to successfully transform the eCommerce business for ASUS. This result in massive revenue growth for the brand and more recently launch multiple successful through-the-line campaigns for Optus. Akshay was also part of the Optus Prepaid campaign with the legendary Ray Meagher as “Ray Coptus”.

Learning is evolving.

Emphasising the importance of continued education, Akshay has a diverse educational background in multiple fields, believing it has made him a more competent and knowledgeable marketer. Afterall, learning is evolving.

Possessing a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science from Manipal Institute of Technology in India, he has since completed a dual master’s degree including an MBA from the University Of Technology in Sydney.

With an eye for detail and the love for technology, Akshay enjoys both tactical execution and strategic positioning. He enjoys being at the centre of a fast-paced & dynamic environment.

“I adore execution and I am an enthusiastic learner. I have a strong sense of leadership intent; in terms of taking ownership of tasks at hand as well as true sense of team spirit and participation,” said Sardana.

“My dedication and dealing with real life situations has got me to where I am today. I am passionate about the role marketing leaders play in organisations; not only from a marketing perspective but as a key contributor to business transformation. I look forward to continue contributing to the narrative and work with the next generation of leaders.” he adds.

Early on in his career, Akshay has already made considerable contributions to the marketing industry. It is however just a glimpse of what is to come by the future leader.

Speaking of his recognition as AMI’s 2019 Future Leader of the Year, Akshay commented, “I am extremely honoured to have won the award. It feels great to be recognised by peers in the advertising and marketing industry. I love that this award category not only recognises marketing contribution but also leadership skills.”

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