AI for Research and Brands: The Promise and the Responsibility

As useful as they are today, AI-enabled digital assistants are poised to bring even more advancements and convenience. Digital assistants will offer even easier access to vast knowledge than with the Internet alone. They will free up our time by handling tasks like scheduling, shopping, and communicating. They will help consumers provide feedback about their experiences and desires for brands. Digital assistants will even begin to establish relationships with us and predict our needs.

And therein lurks the peril within the promise.

Just how well do we want digital assistants to know us? We may be on a first-name basis with our digital assistant, but since one of its goals is to sell to us, to what degree should we deputize it with BFF status?

Qualtrics surveyed 1,600 US adults to understand what they want from digital assistant AI technology, and what crosses the line.

See the findings from the survey here.

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