8 Steps to a Successful First 90 Days as a B2B CMO

The role of Chief Marketing Officer, or any senior marketing position, is always a challenging one – and never more so than in the first 90 days. Whether you are a CMO or, as I have been, one of their trusted advisors, you know that preparing for and working through this initial stage is critical.

We’re sharing some of these hard-won lessons from years of experience here. Throughout this month’s column, you’ll even find comments and insights from one B2B CMO who’s just run this particular gauntlet (and come out smiling): Deanna Heuschel, head of marketing for North American Corporation, a leader in helping Fortune 1,000 brands manage their marketing operations and a national distributor of products in the packaging and commercial goods industries.

Find out the 8 crucial steps to a successful first 90 days as a B2B CMO here.

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