8 Life Strategies to manage unexpected change

When unexpected change enters your life, it shows you have outlived some aspect and are ready to move on. It’s a signal that a new part of your life is ready to be revealed. Here are 8 Life Strategies to guide you as a new chapter of your life is being written.

When unexpected change happens, it often signals that you have outlived one aspect of your life and are ready to move on and grow.

It’s a sign that a new chapter of your life is ready to unfold.

Of course, most of us fight like crazy and resist with all our might to ensure we don’t have to face the discomfort of what is happening. Right?

We get angry, cry, lie to ourselves, pretend it isn’t happening, scream that life is unfair, criticise other people or the situation, plead with the universe to make it go away, move into overdrive with activity and social engagements, or stay at home on the couch, indulging and feeling numb and sorry for ourselves.

Here are 8 life strategies to help you manage change

I can’t say change is easy – it isn’t. But if this is happening to you, here are a few life strategies to consider as you move through the transition process:

#1 Accept what’s happening and don’t resist or fight it. Change is already in play, and once it begins, it’s hard to go back to how it was. Instead, try to figure out why it might be happening, and how this aspect of your life may need to be renewed.

#2 Don’t beat yourself up. You haven’t failed. Life has just come and moved the pieces around and somewhere, at the end of the tunnel, you will look back and see the gift that it has been. Right now, you can’t see that, but it will happen.

#3 You aren’t alone – people all around you are facing change. Know that all around you – family, friends, colleagues, people you pass in the street and the supermarket – are experiencing small or major changes and are going through challenging times like you are, though outwardly they may not show it. Don’t presume that everyone is ok and you are the only one in pain or crisis.

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