5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Sponsor the AMI Awards for Marketing Excellence

Creating an image of success and authority for your business is a smart way to win more customers. Just imagine how your reputation soars when you work alongside other successful brands. By sponsoring the AMI Awards program, you can leverage this power of collective credibility and associate your company’s brand with the success and achievements of the best-in-class marketers in the industry. Read more reasons why you should sponsor the AMI Awards for Marketing Excellence.

Reason #1 Brand Visibility

Sponsoring AMI Awards will put your brand visuals in front of a large audience who hasn’t heard of your business. The event will provide you with press and social media mentions before, during, and after the event to boost brand recognition.

Reason #2 Targeted Marketing

AMI Awards attracts highly interested customers from a niche audience of our membership organisation. Sponsoring AMI Awards provides opportunities to engage one on one with people looking for relevant product solutions.

Reason #3 Consumer Perception

Public perception can make or break your business. Customers form positive opinions when your business is tied to high-profile events. They will assume your business is reliable and reputable if you can sponsor the Australian Marketing Institute.

Reason #4 Business Relationships

AMI Awards are great places to find non-competing businesses that you can collaborate with in the future. AMI’s community of marketers is highly engaged and many are happy to share leads and support other businesses. Come prepared with pitches to introduce yourself to key players.

Reason #5 Return on Investment

Leave with a list of leads to follow up on afterward. You don’t necessarily need to make a huge profit on the day of the Awards, as long as you have a long-term way to leverage your investment.

About AMI Awards Sponsorship

AMI offers a range of bespoke state and national-based sponsorship packages to help you reach your target audience and showcase your brand to the industry’s key decision makers.  Providing an excellent opportunity for networking and face-to-face communication with the industry’s key decision-makers, sponsoring AMI’s Awards also enables you to form long term relationships with potential customers.

If you would like to partner with AMI or sponsor an award, contact Camelia Vasile by email camelia.vasile@ami.org.au. For information about AMI National & State Awards sponsorship and partnership opportunities download our Sponsorship and Partnership Prospectus.

Visit ami.org.au/awards to download our Sponsorship & Partnership Prospectus.

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