5 questions to ask before choosing a marketing course you love

TV! Radio! Internet! And now, even your Tinder account! Everything is plagued by marketing. In these prevalent conditions, it is obvious that you’d want to dip your toes in and try it for yourself. Marketing is a heady concoction of creatively stimulating and digitally accurate decisions in any business, writes Swastika Gupta, AMI Marketing Assistant Intern and Master of Commerce student at University of Sydney’s Business School.

Marketing is a heady concoction of creatively stimulating and digitally accurate decisions in any business.

But, when you set out to educate yourself in marketing, you stumble upon plethora of options. Where each one is more enticing (apparently) than the previous. The dilemma is real, guys! I, being a marketing student myself, have gone through this painstaking process. It’s not just a matter of eeny meeny miny moe! It involves all forms of consideration before making an investment.

Just to help you ease into this process, here are the five questions you need to ask yourself before you spend that hard-earned buck.

      1.What are my requirements?

Where do my interests lie? What challenges me? What excites me? Answering these questions will lead you to a unique answer, in alignment with your future goals. Marketing is a field with a lot of areas like digital, strategy, creative. Then comes different industries and sectors where these are applied. Google them and get on with searching the best fit for yourself.

      2. Which institutes are making the cut?

With the large number of options available, you need to choose the university or educational institute based on a number of factors; your geographical preferences, the offerings of that place when it comes to future employment opportunities, and the cost associated. It is important to check out the ranking of not just the institute that you are choosing, but also the course that you pick out. You can check the rankings on QS World University Rankings. The key is research!

      3. Is my course practical?

How hands-on will my course be? Will I just listen to the droning lectures or will I be able to apply myself in a real environment? Will there be industry professionals to interact and network with? You don’t want to be stuck in a class for a year reading theory, when marketing is evolving at a pace faster than what your lecturers can keep up with . Look for a course that is practical, but don’t forget about the credibility, experience and skill set of the faculty teaching that course.

    4. What are the employment opportunities after I finish this course?

This, you can answer by referring to the testimonials of the past students. You go talk to the faculty, the career counselors, current students about the kind of jobs you can expect to land after you’re done with this course. Again, and I can’t stress this enough, RESEARCH!

    5. Is my course accredited?

Make sure that the courses you have shortlisted are vetted by accreditation bodies like AMI (Australian Marketing Institute). This is another mark of reassurance for you that your choice is right. To have a look at their accredited courses, click here.

After you’ve done your research and answered these questions, wipe the sweat off that forehead. Don’t just dip your toe, dive headfirst into your dream of becoming a successful marketer.


About the author

Swastika Gupta

Australian Marketing Institute Intern

Swastika Gupta

Swastika is a passionate and driven individual when it comes to both professional or personal development. She subscribes to a philosophy that creativity is best aided by the technological achievements; and this is what she endeavors to reflect and imbibe in her daily life. She has been involved in all sorts of fields from hospitality to event management, this imparts her the much required skills one needs to navigate the treacherous market. Swastika is voracious reader and a huge consumer of content in her free time.



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