4 Predictions for the Future of Customer Service

After the launch of Amazon on Australian shores, you’d be forgiven for thinking customer service is less about support and retention than it is about lightning-quick order fulfillment. However, even as the retail giant races to develop its supply chain, the ‘Amazon effect’ has yet to materialise – for now. That means customer service experts in retail have a little breathing space to consider how to adapt and use new technologies.

In some ways, the arrival of Jeff Bezos’s empire could cancel out some of the lingering fear over what new tech could represent. As artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning usher in new levels of self-service, real-time messaging and customer success, the question isn’t ‘Will this put us out of a job?’, it’s ‘How will this let us compete?’. Here are four possible answers.

1. Face-to-face time will gain importance

2. Instant messaging will be first choice

3. Bots will cut out repetition

4. Customers will find their own answers

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