3 Reasons to Become a Mentor

Why be a mentor?

We’re firm believers that together we are stronger.

Through the knowledge we share, the connections we build and support we provide to each other, we can grow a strong and reputable marketing profession.

Not only is it important to give back, but we always receive feedback from our Mentors that it feels good too!

A mentoring relationship is a two-way learning process. It provides you with an opportunity to reflect on your own practice, can help you re-engage with your skills and find a new sense of direction or purpose.

Mentors are leaders!

Mentoring is extremely important for leaders because it brings the best out of the people you lead. Mentoring generates confidence, inspires trust and develops your leadership skills.

Help others by sharing your knowledge!

Yes, being a Mentor takes time and requires a high level of commitment, however, the benefits of helping someone by sharing your knowledge and experiences greatly outweigh the effort it takes.

Excited at the idea of challenging yourself, sharing your knowledge and giving back to developing the future generation of marketers?

The marketing profession needs YOU!



Applications for Mentees and Mentors are open until 27 March for the 2022 Emerging Marketers Mentoring Program.

The AMI Emerging Marketers Mentoring Program provides aspiring emerging marketers with an opportunity to connect with senior marketing professionals, get valuable insight into the industry and develop their skills to give them a competitive edge in their career. Our mentors are Certified Practising Marketers who work across Marketing & Communications, Advertising, media, and Professional Services.

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