‘Get in their gumboots’ – Competing in a rapidly changing rural landscape

The word ‘rural’ comes with many connotations – gumboots, sheep, remote, tractors… Very few think of precision agriculture, digital technology, 5G and an evolving breed of rural consumer.

The modern farmer is part of a technologically savvy, competitive and intelligent breed of consumer who are faced with more choice and opportunity than ever before. This makes marketing to them particularly challenging and an entire industry has been developed around rural psychology, customer journey mapping targeting farmer personas and customised technology to engage the brains of the rural consumer.

Agribusiness experts across the globe acknowledge the changes that are taking place with the bridging of the rural-urban divide. As the pressure for environmental sustainability comes to a forefront and global competition for food increases, the role of the rural producer is becoming more important to the Australian economy. This puts the farmer in a key position driving choice, consumption and buying habits.

The role of the rural marketer, according to Conferenz, then, is to enable the farmer to improve their yield, boost their potential and make informed buying choices. In this once traditional role, information, data and technology are key to winning the hearts of the rural customer.

Focusing on the rural customer means developing a brand with a customer centric strategy, focusing on delivering value and making a true difference on farm. The winning brands in the modern rural marketplace are those who partner with rural consumers, solving their problems and creating memorable experiences that farmers will carry with them – particularly when it comes to their buying decisions.

The rise in rural technology, enabled by the development of the ultra-fast 5G network will allow farmers up-to-date, accurate information about their farm and the products they choose to put there. As part of the increasing tech savviness is a growth in social media platforms which are drastically impacting the way farmers communicate with their rural suppliers.

Omni-channel marketing, customer journey mapping and customer experience development are becoming necessities to get farmer’s attention in the crowded rural market place. Delivering exceptional communication and customer service throughout all tech and face to face channels is no longer optional and those who understand the power of effective content marketing will win the hearts of the rural customer.

The Marketing to the Rural Sector Australia conference is the first of its kind to the Australian market, understanding the unique requirements of marketing to an evolving rural sector and the hearts of customers that can no longer be won with face-to-face engagement alone.

The conference takes a broad view at the rapidly changing sector to give practical insights into global trends in agribusiness, the impact of the 5G rollout in rural Australia and the opportunities arising in new digital engagement platforms. Our expert marketers and rural communicators acknowledge the importance of a seamless omni-channel experience that starts with a real and authentic brand. True customer centricity can’t be faked and is an art-form that has been developed by the leading rural brands.

This event delves into case studies and the strategy of iconic rural brands such as John Deere, Fonterra, Virbac, Corteva Agriscience and Rural Bank to share with rural marketers the secrets to staying in the minds of farmers and the importance of strong digital and communication strategies.

Chaired by Vicki Wright from Ruralco Holdings and featuring insight from PwC, Optus, Australian Farm Institute, and PR Leader of the Year – Fifty Acres, this Sydney event on 10 & 11 September will help you realign your marketing strategy to win the hearts and minds of your rural customers.

For more details or visit the event page here.

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