2020 Emerging Marketers Participants’ Q&A

Peter Pavisic (mentee)
Digital Marketing Specialist
Kristie Atkins (mentor)
Managing Partner
Think Wink Pty Ltd

What did you learn from your experience in the program?

Peter: I learnt so many things during the course of the program both personally and professionally. One of the key takeaways for me was confidence. Confidence in my abilities as a marketer, confidence that I have made the right career move and confidence to go out and land a more challenging and senior marketing position. Through my conversations and interactions with Kristie, she helped me believe in myself and land a new role (my objective at the start of the program) as a Digital Marketing Specialist. I also learned the value of networking and the value of building a genuine support base around you. Life can throw you a curve ball at any time and I experienced that firsthand during the program. By having people around who you can turn to for professional and personal help, you can weather the storm and seek motivation to help you achieve your goals.

Kristie: Emerging Marketers is a great program that allows me to keep my fingers on the pulse of the style of young leaders coming through the profession. Peter is an amazing example of a determined and skilled young marketer who, by building his confidence, could take the next step in his career. Over the years, I have been blessed to be supported by so many people, both personally and professionally. This program gives mentors the opportunity to do the same for others.

Why do you think mentoring is important for the career of marketers?

Peter: Mentoring is really important for every marketer as I believe that consultation always provides the best outcomes. As a mentee, I know that my mentor has such a wealth of experience that I can learn from. Whether it be advice on developing a career plan, office politics manoeuvring or just general feedback on tasks you might be completing in the workplace, you can always learn from those who have been there first.

Kristie: Mentoring relationships can happen during every life stage. No matter how senior you are or how much you have accomplished, there is always more to learn from others and there are plenty of people out there that will be happy to support you. Like the old adage says, no-one knows everything.

What were you hoping to gain from joining the mentoring program?

Peter: My absolute number one goal was to land myself a more senior marketing position. The start of the program saw a role at a big four that I was offered, become a COVID victim as it was shelved indefinitely. I then had to remotivate myself to look again and keep pushing for that next amazing opportunity. I was fortunate enough to land a job as a Digital Marketing Specialist at the end of November 2020 at global data analytics company Quantium.

Kristie: Peter set a goal at the start of the program and never lost sight of it. It is probably the most important thing in a mentor-mentee relationship. While general conversation is great, you need to be clear at the outset as to what you want to achieve. That way, as a mentor you can build out a program of support that will help deliver on your mentee’s goal/s.

If you were applying for the program today, what advice would you give to yourself?

Peter: Do it! This was exactly what I needed at this point of my career and I got so much out of it. I received feedback on running webinars, was introduced to numerous contacts in the industry, was shown various employment opportunities and a real support in my personal life. I have found not only a lifelong mentor, but friend in Kristie.

Kristie: I absolutely encourage other senior marketers to apply to be mentors in AMI’s Emerging Marketers program. It’s a rewarding experience that allows you to better understand the skills and abilities of the next generation of marketing leaders while also giving back to the profession.

How did you work together to get the most value out of the mentoring relationship?

Peter: It really is about finding what works for you the most and having a genuine care factor. The more you put in the more you get out kind of thing. Kristie and I communicated constantly – starting with our weekly Zoom calls, face to face coffee catchups and various calls and texts in between.

Kristie: Peter was great at driving our engagement according to what he most needed. While we started with an agreement around a specific weekly catch-up, it evolved into the kind of communication that best suited Peter when he needed it. He was also hugely accommodating of my busy schedule, always checking in that times he suggested worked for me first.

What do you think are the biggest challenges in navigating a career in marketing?

Peter: The biggest challenge is that it is extremely competitive to get into as a start. There are often over 100 applicants for 1 marketing position on offer and it can be really hard to keep grinding under you are finally successful in an application. I also think marketing as a profession has typically been undervalued. People don’t understand what it is we do or people think it is ‘easy’. We know it is neither of these things but sometimes peoples’ perceptions result in a lack of credibility and authority in the workplace.

Kristie: Demonstrating that marketers can often have amongst the broadest skillsets and most challenging roles in an organisation, and that we are fit to be future CEO’s and Managing Directors and that we are also board ready.

Did you have any funny moments during the program you’d like to share?

Both: Should we apologise for a sneaky hug during a pandemic!?

Applications for Mentees and Mentors are open until mid-April for the 2021 Emerging Marketers Mentoring Program.

The AMI Emerging Marketers Mentoring Program provides aspiring emerging marketers with an opportunity to connect with senior marketing professionals, get valuable insight into the industry and develop their skills to give them a competitive edge in their career. Our mentors are Certified Practising Marketers who work across Marketing & Communications, Advertising, Media, and Professional Services.



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