Hero. Hub. Help. Three words you need to be using in 2017.

In 2014 Google published an ebook called: The YouTube Creators Playbook for Brands. It’s jam-packed full of insights into building a strong presence on YouTube, basically a great read for anyone using video to drive engagement internally and externally.

When it comes to video marketing, YouTube/Google present a case for building your video content around 3 core themes: Hero Content, Hub Content & Help Content.

Let’s look at each of these inturn.

Hero content: This is video content that is created with the sole purpose to be shared widely and to attract new audiences. Highly creative content, it should tap into the passions and interests of the targeted audience.

Hero content example: Ingredients Reign, by Chipotle

Chipotle continually produce hero video content to continually raise their brand presence.  With over 3 million views, Chipotle share their obsession with using superior ingredients to capture the hearts and minds of thousands of  ‘health conscious’ patrons.

Hub content: The purpose of hub video content is to keep your audiences engaged, drive subscriptions and build a loyal fan base. It is regular, scheduled content that your targeted audiences naturally migrate to and share with their wider networks.

Redbull is a master at creating hub content, they segment their videos by sporting type and keep their fans captivated. Click the image below to visit their Sports playlist.

Help (previously Hygiene) content: Help content is exactly that, video content that answers all your targeted audiences key questions.  Helpful, informative content which is ‘keyword/SEO’ heavy, so that the videos can be found via search.

I recently discovered this YouTube Channel that is all about help content. This organisation release a new video each month answering the most commonly asked science questions. Just look at the views they get. Click on the image to visit the Youtube channel.

The other organisation that I think produces some amazing ‘help’ videos is Airbnb. Not only do they have the answers to key questions, but they also share help content through real stories and how Airbnb is part of that story.

Would you like to find out more? Click here to download the complete YouTube Creators Playbook ebook.

So,  when thinking about what video(s) to produce, make sure you stop and think about which category it fits into:

Hero, Help or Hub?

Source: Creativa Videos


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